Amazon: “lord of the rings”-series arrives in september 2022

Amazon:'herr der ringe'-serie kommt im september 2022'herr der ringe'-serie kommt im september 2022

Amazon "Lord of the Rings"-Series for the streaming service Amazon Prime should be seen from autumn 2022. That said Amazon on the Twitter account of the still nameless series with. As a precise start date, Amazon calls the 2. September.

Amazon announced the series around Tolkien Fantasy classic at the end of 2017. In several seasons she is said to be the history of the most famous Tolkien Bucher "Lord of the Rings" and "The Hobbit" tell. It is only known that the series is to play in the second age of the Middle earth world, while the previous films play in the third age. Story details have not yet published Amazon. No wonder so that the first now published picture to the "Lord of the rings"-Series with fans for speculation causes.

465 million US dollars

Alone the first season of Amazon "Lord of the Rings"-Series should cost $ 465 million, the New Zealandic Economic Minister Stuart Nash said in April. Like the popular "Lord of the Rings"-Movies are also turned parts of the series in New Zealand. The New Zealandic government therefore wants to bear 25 percent of the cost of the first season, which was about $ 116 million.

This investment should generate jobs and revenue for local companies explained nash. For the production of the first season, 1200 people were directly employed, 700 more are indirectly for Tatig. In addition, New Zealand hopes for the Amazon series a renewed tourism wave.

With cost of production of $ 465 million, the "Lord of the rings"-Series from Amazon to the most expensive serial productions overhead. In addition to the cost of the rotation, Amazon should have paid 200 million US dollars for the license.

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