All beginning is difficult

ZDF theater channel

All beginning is difficult. Also in the digital television age. So on Thursday – at least in Hannover – the screen was black for a good for an hour as the ZDF live out of his broadcasting center the Matinee for the openation of his digital theater channel survived. The new cultural division program is broadcast on the satellite Astra 1G and fed nationwide into the cable networks of Deutsche Telekom. For the next trademark period, ZDF has registered a financial requirement of 13 million marks per year for the channel.

In addition, a decoder is needed for reception, which is relevant in the specialized trade (from about 500 marks) or can be rented monthly in the context of a subscription by Premiere World for 14.90 marks.

How roughly the potential audience circle is not exactly finding exactly. He is scattered around 1.2 million people, which can now see the program daily from 9am to 2pm and between 19 and 24 o’clock. It is reflected mainly by the ZDF archive with more than 500 productions for nearly four decades and sent by a weekly updated theater magazine, through new records and theater films.

It starts with an extensive Shakespeare cycle, with productions of Fritz Kortner, Dieter Dorn, Karin Beier, Leander Haussmann and others. But also dance, figurative theater and a little comedy are in the open-time plan, which are so far only on the Internet under the quite complicated address WWW.ZDF.DE / Program / ZDFVision / Bouquet / 16614 / Index.HTML and later at channel.DE can reading in detail.

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