Afd argues about handling of its fundamentalists

The new dispute over squat, behind which AFD vice did, also decides whether the party becomes a potential coalition partner of the Union or a right system opacity

In the last few weeks he was the speaker of the AFD. On the demonstrations initiated by the party in Erfurt and also in others, especially East German, Stadten he was the crowd magnet. Now the still chairman of the Thuringers AfD, Bjorn squat, media fees:

There were many inquiries to the reaction of Bjorn squat to the press release of the Federal Executive Board today. Bjorn Schocke has always managed so that he also cladly clarified of party affairs – and not the media. He still liked that to handle that. He has already suggested mistakes. Everything else he liked personally with his party friends. At this point, however, we were gladly pointed out that the media reporting on today’s federal executive council meeting, which suggests that Mr. Hocke is to leave the party is not correct: there was no party relay proceedings against Bjorn squat and no majority for that.

Facebook page of bjorn squat

In the few saws, there are several historical clarifications. The fact that hooked party-internal affairs has always clarified in the party, at least for the agide of the party chairman Lucke by no means. Finally, he has formulated the Erfurter Resolution, a clear battle announcement of the party’s right animals at the then board. The names of the first signers alone make it clear that the squat in the AfD is by no means isolated, even less in the potential elective bash of the party.

Therefore, the AFD will consider good if she hawks really throwing from the party. Because such a step was connected with airlift members to the cleavage. The squat had right from the AFD perfect options for a continuation of the right career. Even an entry into the NPD goods are conceivable and could at least help the party in East Germany to profound the AfD as the right original. But more likely goods in the various attempts of Pegida gestans to profoundly profiling to perspective in addition to the AFD.

The old mistrust between a party and a movement that the left prongs for decades is now also a phanomena that procured the right scene. The mistrust in the right populist base movement is roughly that the AfD Pegida and similar strain protests now wants to acquire a place in parliament and then enter into cooperation at the first opportunity with the Union.

Even squat was conceivable for the Union as a coalition partner

Such considerations are very real. In the thuringian CDU, according to their electoral defeat, there was quite consideration to cooperate with the AFD so as to prevent a government under the Left Party Guide.

The squat was even brief as a Minister of Justice of Thuringen in conversation. These tarpaulins were not pursued because the up-to-date deviations from the SPD or the greats in the state parliament were not found, which wanted to prevent a government under all circumstances ramelow under the Left Social Democrats. Halfful Social Democrats such as the Right Social Democrat Stefan Sandmann, who reiterated the GDR with the Ramelow government, had been prepared, but had no mandate.

Also outside the Union, there were already votes in the first electoral fences of the Union who want to install the AFD into a covenant. They first enjoy that with the collection of the AFD in several landings a coalition on the left of the Union becomes harder because they simply have no majority. Such considerations also play a rough role in many AFD politicians. You do not see yourself as a permanent access position, you want to govern – and you do not want to miss that from Bjorn squat.

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