Afd and pegida want to move further

Near Pegida and AfD? Some places and under the impression of terror in Paris, quite well. But in other regions, one separates again. An insanity?

In the morning of that day, at the representative of the Sachsian alternative for Germany (AFD) and the "Patriotic Europe against the Islamization of the West" (Pegida) wanted to meet, appeared in various German daily newspapers an interview with Michael Spreng. "That the AfD is now trying to wipe out on the [pegida] wave is the danger aspect", Warned the journalist and political adviser and recalled that Pegida people always refused dialogue with politics and media. Couple AfD and "Pegida" In parts of East Germany, apparently under the impression of terror in Paris continues, there are zoff between the protagonists in other regions.

After the renewed "Pegida"-Protests on Monday in Dresden with Uber 18.000 participants (Pegida in the darkening trap) have the faction of the legal conservative AfD in the Sachsian state parliament on Wednesday for the first time with initiators "Pegida"-Movement made. In advance, there was apparently a hiding place for the controversial meeting. Which was primarily intended for Wednesday evening in the state of the parliament in Dresden had already unnoticed in Fruhe and from the public. Reason for Dafur was a planned countercaling of the left according to AfD. In addition to AFD representatives, seven people from the "Pegida"-Organizing team of the invitation of AfD faction leader Frauke Petry followed.

If one believes the statements after the meeting, AfD and "Pegida" at. The Sachsische Landeschefin Frauke Petry was quoted on Thursday afternoon with the words: "We have found that there are obviously content quantities." the "Pegida"-Movement even experienced further dialogue readiness. Petry again turned against reservations from most parties who "Pegida"-Exercise movement of racism and xenophobia. "We hold that wrong", explained Petry from media representatives. However, a shoulder is not planned, this is from "Pegida" also not wanted.

So peace, joy, egg cake? Of everything probably something. AfD boss Bernd Lucke had admonished his party for access to the conversation. Talk to "Pegida" be fine, but that’s not a shoulder. The Deputy AFD Spokesman Hans-Olaf Henkel has advised his party to go to the Islamfine movement at a distance. "We should not follow Pegida, but the nunty among the demonstrators of our program convince", he said. The Brandenburg AfD boss Alexander Gauland, on the other hand, saw the demonstrators as a natural bonded to his party – but only in Dresden, Gauland sent on Wednesday to the broadcasting Berlin-Brandenburg.

"If you look at these 19 points, which are distributed in Dresden in Pegida demonstrations, we are very close", In addition, without regard to that, a number of those points from a thesis paper are opposed and some of them are more likely to act like a veiled tacticle in order to share a right-wing radical and xenophobic touch of "Pegida"-Movement to Ubertunchen. Gauland used Hours later the terrorist attack against the editors of his opinion apparently less satirical, but "Islamcritical" Magazine "Charlie Hebdo", around "Pegida" to defend and affect against critics.

All, "Who, so far the worries of many people are ignored or leased from an imminent danger by Islamism, are punished by this bloodstring", Share love Gaule. "The old parties should be very good to consider whether they want to remain in their attitude, the people of Pegida continue to defame." the "Pegida"-Movement itself articulated her criticism of the politicians of the terrorist act approximately at the same time a little less berh than Gauland. Although it is surprised that only those from their environment nor the "Lying press" was threatened with murder and manslaughter, currently want to defend the freedom of the press.

Unlike Gauland, Henkel called on Thursday, more open over the "Human rights violations especially in Islamic countries" debate, "To the clarified Muslims in all Islamic countries" to strong the jerk. Poor Object Bernd Lucke Reatured a promogative clarification, which reproduces him with the words: "Against violent Islamist fundamentalism must be done by all means of the rule of law. However, it should also be reacted with prudence: one must not start the violence of two extremists of a whole religious community whose coarse part consists of peace-loving, unpredicted people."

Had to give this brutal murder attack to interfaces between parts of the AFD and "Pegida" show? Uber Gauland’s college in the AFD Federal Board, Konrad Adam, the "Time" short, that "what the Pegida demonstrators and the AFD appeal call today, ten years ago in Adam’s comments from FAZ and world" had been to be read. Namely as Adams even as an editor and author of those newspapers part of the "Lying press" was.

"Reorganization of our national culture"

The North Rhine-Westphalian AFD Landeschef Marcus Pretzell called the Germans in early January in a letter "Pegida" send out. The movement is "a special estimation of the rebellion Unhausted Burger against a state whose organization of political decisions excludes the majority", In the fight for one "Basic reform of democracy in Germany and Europe".

In some outlets of the AFD or local and regional Pegida offshoots, in the last few days, in the last few days, however, some approaches came back to airlines, quarrels and cancellations – maybe only from strategic grounds. In Leipzig, Hans-Thomas Tillschneider, member of the Sachsian AFD Council Council, want to "advisor" and guest car of "Legida" as well as the Leipziger AFD Landtag candidate Felix Koschar joined as a co-organizer. The Leipziger "Pegida"-Offshoot had previously published his own theses paper. Despite the amptions that you move against "Foreign hatred, racism and extremism" was at the same time in it also for the "Reorganization of our national culture" and one "Termination of the war of war and generation liability" a. The latter could also demand NPD and Neonazi groups.

In Frankfurt indes in love "Fragida"-Organizer Hans-Peter Brill The AfD, after the Hessian national association of his party distanced himself from him, because at one "Fragida"-Meeting also participated in a NPD functionar. Brill has been residing according to own information on the liberal flight ticket of the AFD and justified his exit with the fact that the right flight ticket of the AfD is becoming stronger. In this regard, an AFD spokeswoman, in the Hessian AfD, currently there is a rough unity, not responding "Pegida"-To participate or organize demonstrations or organize them.

After in North Rhine-Westphalia Alexander Heumann, a representative of the much far right-right AFD edge, already from the regional "Pegida"-Meanwhile, the movement in NRW in a mud battle had dismissed off the movement in NRW. Representatives of the radical right "Pegida"-Fugules wedges against the more or less open right-wing aircraft of the movement, which in turn.

"We are the people"- Ruferen stay in the smallest circle bitter quarrels

Both avashes and probably also the back to the boat-woolen AFD member Heumann seem obviously to believe that their idea of "Pegida" That should be blessing alone. And both camps continue to maintain different Facebook profiles and blog channels that are only true "Pegida"-To be representatives in NRW. Also in Munchen, two sometimes extremely retain groups, which take advantage of the truth "Pegida"-To be offshoot. For people who liberated persistently still together and that their trail animated, "We are the people!" To scale, that destroyliness has a quite real-real character – do you want "a people" represented and stay in the smallest circle bitter quarrels.

The whole thing back and forth, all the aviaries within the AFD and the Pegida offshoots as well as the postings spread in Internet forums or via Facebook by that clientel, but also show what the columnist Sacha Lobo followed: Pegida Konnne namely the AFD demonstrate, "How effective and massive in Germany is the complete departure of rational discourses. Especially when it comes to a sense shutter. Pegida has the stuff to make the German Tea Party from the AFD final." Milling in the political discourse included.

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