20 Years ago: mac os x enters – as public beta

20 years ago: Mac OS X enters - as Public Beta

The Macintosh Operating System with Unix substructure becomes 20: On the Apple Expo in Paris, Steve Jobs posted on 13. September 2000 the long-awaited Public Beta from Mac OS X before. The rough new edition of the operating system had created jobs more than two years earlier as a summary of the NextTEP-based Rhapsody with the classic Mac OS. Originally, the Platinum surface of Mac OS 8 was used, the colorful user interface Aqua had been presented only in early 2000.

A beta for 80 DM

The Public Beta of Mac OS X did not just download it: The operating system had to be ordered on CD-ROM – for the price of 79 DM.

20 years ago: Mac OS X enters - as Public Beta

The Public Beta of Mac OS X with AQUA user interface.

Stephan Ehrmann, editor-in-chief of the Mac I, at that time wrote on our site:

"For everyday operation, the ‘Public Beta’ version still lacks some essential components. The USB and FireWire drivers, for example, are not finished yet, and third-party periphery, who does not belong to your computer, could not work yet, ‘says Apple. Since only a few third-party Mac-OS-X drivers for their periphery have been finished, you will be able to boot overwhelm Mac OS 9 to boot about printing or burning a CD. PCI cards, SCSI and ADB devices also wants to support Apple only in a later version, as well as power management or networking over the wireless airport.

Nevertheless, many Mac fans will surely order the CD-ROM because they have been waiting for years on a stable operating system with real multitasking and multiprocessing skills."

Aqua is still the appearance of Macos, a coarse new design stands with MacOS 11 Big Sur immediately before. The substructure of the operating system is also running on other Apple hardware from iPhone over iPad to Apple Watch.

The message discussed at that time is further reading in the original on our site:

  • Beta version of Mac OS X from now on
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