Zundschlossdebakel: gm fires 15 employees

The years of ignored problems with the Opel-Mother General Motors with cowl locks, which cost at least 13 people living, have far-reaching consequences. "15 employees who behave wrong are not long in the company", said corporate chef Mary Barra on Thursday in the presentation of an internal report on the debacle. They had false decisions or done nothing, though they had known of problems. Funf other employees had disciplinary consequences to get traces.

There have been errors from start to finish, Barra explained in front of around 1200 employees in the development center of the car manufacturer in Warren near Detroit. This has too "Tragic consequences" guided. "Reading the report made me deep sad and resound", said Barra and apologized again with survivors and accident victims. "That had never happened?", said the manager. She spoke of incompetences and comments. "We just did not do our job."

The report, however, found that the technical problems have not been deliberately refurbished to avoid a costly jerk. This also relieved Barra itself, which has been in the company for three decades and in this time many leaderships, among other things, held in development before they were appointed at the beginning of the year to the Council of Council.

"We will attach a securities program", promised Barra, but without calling a sum or details. "We want to achieve all those who have lost or violated a loved one." The Group hired the specialist Kenneth R. Feinberg, whose proposals for the vapor characteristics can only be expected in a few weeks. While GM speaks of 13 dead and only invalidates certain accident histories, US consumer protections are from a multiple. The unfiltered raw data for those affected GM-inflation with airbag defects are currently at 303 dead, reports the consumer protection group "Center for Auto Safety".

Further measures are: More quality arance, new, hopefully better managers in quality arance, an internal encouragement program "Speak Up for Safety" as well as a restructuring of the jerking process worldwide. Barra said it is not rich, here and there a bit around, but GM MUSS "a new industrial standard in terms of security" set.

The end of the end of the end can be in the full speed due to a low-laid switch "the end"-Resume position, which also shuts off airbags, brake forceful and power steering. First reports about the problems are rich in the development time of the models until 2001. General Motors started the jerk calls only beginning of the year, shortly after Barra came into office.

2.6 million cars are affected worldwide, the mostly part of them in the US, some thousand Roadster Opel GT but also in Europe. The US traffic safety workers had raised GM the maximum possible penalty of $ 35 million due to the Spade Jerkluke. However, in addition to this punishment, GM threatens further consequences, because the state determined criminal against the Group. The Washington Post suspects that these investigations could lead to similar penalties as Toyota’s software debacle that the Japanese company cost 1.2 billion dollars punishment.

Currently, in GM, around 30 individual jerk calls from worldwide 15.8 million cars, which costs the Group $ 1.7 billion. It still kink "give a few more backlacks" to the end of the quarter, Barra said. It puts on the fact that the GM employees learn from the mistakes. "I hope that this will never be forgotten."

Employees of the US Treasury Department, who managed GMS bankruptcy, gave protocol, from the potency life-risked cowl-lock problems nothing to have. Mary Barra announced, in December 2013 for the first time from this problem to have. The old wagons around Rick Wagoner was not asked until now, just as well as Dan Akerson and Ed Whitacre.

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