Zf: no degradation of workplaces according to trw-take-up

At the car supplier ZF Friedrichshafen, there should be no unburded after the suppure of TRW automotive. "We need all employees. Both companies are currently building staff because they are currently growing strongly due to their technology position, "said the ZF CEO Stefan Sommer of the Automotive week. "Because the TRW-supersept is a complementary deal and no synergy-oriented, we have no works in the competition. Especially in development, both companies still have personnel needs in North America as in Europe."

The employee representative of the ZF had also supported – under the condition that the purchase is not at the expense of the ZF locations. This has been agreed with the Management Board, said the Total Council Chairman Achim Dietrich-Stephan at the beginning of the week. "We have achieved that the workplaces in Germany are secured."

ZF Friedrichshafen ames the US supplier TRW Automotive for around 9.5 billion euros (currently around 12.4 billion US dollars). The Americans are mainly known for their security products such as airbags, straps, brake or driver assistance systems. The Germans specialized in the past in particular on drives and chassis. Together, ZF and TRW come to around 30 billion euros annual turnover. They collect a total of around 138.000 employees worldwide.

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