Zetsche: cooperation with via goods conceivable

Zetsche: cooperation with via goods conceivable

Daimler boss Dieter Zetsche can imagine cooperation with the controversial vehicle service mediator. "We can cooperate potentially in some areas and be in other competitors," said Zetsche on Wednesday on the Internet Conference Axel Springer Noah Berlin. At the same time he caught that there was nothing concrete to study.

For a start, but with a valuation of last more than 60 billion dollars for Daimler, however, is too expensive, stressed Zetsche. "We strive for a controlling influence and had to relax for it 35 billion dollars."Daimler is profitable – but the goods too much. That’s why the Group invested in the overcomers Blacklane, and years ago. Uber’s coarse and boss Travis Kalanick, who started with Zetsche, countered that he was not buried a dominant role of Daimler – "But with the $ 35 billion I’m there".

The Daimler brand Mercedes-Benz is one of the largest car suppliers for the German taxi industry that precipitates over unfair competition. At the same time Daimler’s app competes mytaxi sharply with TaxIruf Central. Zetsche made it clear that he does not consider much of attempts to preserve previous ratios. "I’m convinced if there is some benefits, it will prevail."Better, one is" part and spearhead of changing ".

At the same time, there must be equal conditions for all. "I’m very patient here in Germany," said Kalanick. In this country, according to court order, several of its services largely set in this country. Currently only taxis in Berlin are conveyed as well as in Munchen also rental cars with driver in service uberx. Search car members currently undergoing partnerships with driving services and technology companies, because the younger generations want to use cars often only without they own. In addition, with the conceptual spread of self-propelled cars, a total of fewer cars are needed.

So Volkswagen Zuzst with $ 300 million in the Uber competitor Gett. Toyota participated only a few weeks ago. The high of the investment was unknown, but according to hearing it should only go to a small proportion and the partnership is currently restricting itself to the offer of Toyotas for over-drivers.

Kalanick, for his part, he has no interest in buying a car manufacturer, even if about the current evaluation after a borence potentially enough acquisition must have been required. "Our thing is not to build cars, but to cooperate with the boys who do that."A boron of Uber, he continued to go beyond to have more financial flexibility. He will meet sometime in a period "from one to ten years" come. So far, eleven billion dollars of investors got eleven billion even without a boron. The company is allocated to establish a global platform for the mobility of the future, hence the high rating in financing rounds.

Meanwhile, Fiat Chrysler wants to work together according to a media report in the development of self-propelled cars next to Google with the driving service agent on. It was the first talk of a cooperation KONNE be announced by the end of the year, the Financial Service Bloomberg wrote on Wednesday, citing informed persons. Also talk to other automakers, strolled it. The driving service broker develops its own robot car technology.

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