Yemen: the excavation of a housekeeping in al-hudaida

Yemen: The excavation of a housekeeping in Al-Hudaida

Stock Image: Protests against the blockade in Yemen. Due to the offensive on the port city Al-Hudaida, the situation becomes even more dramatic. Photo (New York, 2017): Felton Davis / CC by 2.0

The Yemeni militi supported by the United Arab Emirates report the conquest of the airport. Objective of the operation "Golden victory" is the harbor. There are residential areas in between

After eight days one "Slow and confused" Jemeni units have made the international airport of the port city of Al-Hudaida under their control, reports the Le-monden correspondent Louis Imbert today – with the restrictive comment that it was not clear on Wednesday evening, whether the Huthis is actually out of the main building the airport was chased.

Even at the war in Yemen, like elsewhere, and has always been the fact that each message has a propagandistic benefit and is therefore designed for the interests of interest. The news of the conquest of the airport of Al-Hudaida is supported by the French correspondent of a high-ranking representative of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The restrictions are probably from other sources.

For the United Arab Emirates, the conquest of the Yemeni port city on the Red Sea is of great importance. "Golden victory" The militar surgery, from which the VAE and Saudi Arabia promise a decisive turn in the Yemen War.

The United Arab Emirates expose

Striking is that the emirates expose to this militar action. Saudi Arabia, which enters the anti-Hutthi coalition in Yemen, is now held in the background in the reporting. This is interesting for several points of view: Once basic that it works so well to keep Saudi Arabia in the background, it plays an important role in the Yemen War, which is often portrayed as war against Iran for the power in the region.

The fact that Saudi Arabia’s role in the offensive in Al-Hudaida remains in the background is probably a political intention that lies well with the media power Saudi Arabia. In addition there are excellent connections, the Saudi representatives on the media and other influencing members to the openity (Z.B. Think Tanks) in Washington and London. Al-Jazeera is still clearly talking about a Saudi and VAE offensive.

Reason for the public refinement during the operation "Golden victory" could be that the house SAUD shattered the bad press, which in recent months to Yemen, the civilian dead and the humanitarian catastrophe with about 20 million auxiliary exercisable, almost 18 million starving, about one million, which may be ill at cholera, 13 million protection of protection, two million inland vacationers and 280.000 escorts (unshcr yemen) has given.

The gray and the risk

In mind, the horror from the Yemen was carried out by a series of images with horribly deposited, tormented children in the social networks. These were not rarely framed with the message that Saudi Arabia and the USA, which are elsewhere else valley on Bashar Al-Assad’s dealing with the civil avocculation, stand behind this horror horror.

Of course, it is also that a competition in the war against Huthis in Yemen is developing between the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. In any case, the risk of failure associated with the conquest of the port city of Hudaida is why the US is also very much backing away and the VAE in military also – on the ground…

The Soldner

The dirty ground fighting the emirates will definitely leave the Yemeni coins, which are not really "Ordinary, state army" Represent, but a covenant from groups and militias, which are presented in many critical reports as Soldner, which are paid by the rich Gulf States.

It is estimated 20.000 to 25.000 camphor, reports Peter Salisbury, who under the Alliance of the "Conductors of national resistance" (National Resistance Forces) The following groups paid: the tihama resistor, caught by the Zaranek strain; Amalikist’s secessionist militia conducted by Salafists ("Giants Brigade") As well as the young "Wachter of the Republic", which are caught by the nephew of the earlier Prasident Saleh.

The air raids

They are supported by the air force of the emirates and from the UAE command "to advise" respectively. liable. Between the airport and the harbor to be converted are eight kilometers and sealed residential areas; The air raids of the last days on residential areas at the periphery of Hudaida, who led to the dead under the civil-population, are a signal for what will happen in the worst case.

This refers to a lengthy housekeeping with air understatement, which at a resident number, which is at several hundred thousand (some call 300.000, other 600.000), becoming very many dead. In addition, the importance of the port city as a place, which is responsible for the supply of scatzt 70 percent of the population in Yemen.

According to Yemen Post it should be in the past week 1.Have given 000 air raids and 50.000 enamed. Already the city suffers from a water supply problem.

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