World record in essen: the longest mazda mx-5-korso

World record in essen: the longest mazda mx-5-korso

Eating, 20. September 2010 – On the landing of the Zollverein in Essen, MX-5 riders from 16 nations have gathered on the last weekend. The aim of the meeting: a new record with entry into the Guinness book of records for the longest MX-5-Korso of the world. It was a record from New Zealand with 249 participants from 2005.

Also from Russia arrived

On the rough parking lot of the former bill of inch Zollverein stood side by side a MX-5 next to the other. From Germany, the lovers of the Japanese two-seater had come, but also from Austria, France, Poland, Czech Republic and Romania. Ten Roadster had even traveled from Russia. Top-well-maintained models stood next to cars with significant traces of use. Partly it was with much love well-kept vehicles.

Beauty Parking

The 20 most seclest copies of it were strung separately. They participated in the competition "Beauty Parking" and impressed by noble chrome parts, an interior in leopard fur optics, a fire department equipment or an attachment in the form of half MX-5. In the evening Dirk Eck with his MX-5 converted to the Red Renner was the winner. At his roadster is almost no visible part in the original state. How much money he has already put in the car? "I’ve been listening at some point, afterwards," he sighs. "Otherwise you will be completely crinted."

Strict rules

Shortly after seventeen o’clock it became loud: on command, their engines love about 500 mx-5 riders. But until the Korso put himself in motion, it took a while. The controllers of the Guinness Book of Records are strict. Every pilot had to show his fuser. The concerns, it could be in the open roadster some kuhl at about 15 degrees Auber temperature, proved to be inappropriate. The seat heating did good work.

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