Workshops fear of disadvantages by emergency call system ecall

The EU-planned automatic emergency call system for cars ECALL was able to take significant change in the industry after the Central Association of Body Technology and Vehicle Technology (ZKF).

An automaker will receive a car manufacturer all vehicle-related data even after an accident and can intervene accordingly, the main business of the ZKF, Klaus Wicheichmann, said on Friday at the Federal Association Day in Rostock. The free farms in the bodyhead milled that the manufacturers will steer an accident driver in their own contracts, free workshops remained a few. "The manufacturer knows everything about the vehicle."

According to the EU, from October 2015, the ECALL system must be installed in all new cars. After an accident, a reputation goes to the next rescue center. From there is trying to reach the driver of the car. "He does not log in, the rescue chain is automatically drawn," said Wicheichmann. In Europe, up to 2500 lives were saved in Europe after the EU Commission. Not only the ZKF is worried about ECALL. The German lawyer club had already warned in front of the "Glasern Car Trailer". Spad until 1. October 2017 all rescue control centers in Europe for ECALL should be erupted.

However, according to the current legal situation, the data will also land at the manufacturer, said Wicheichmann. This is not just the disadvantage of motorists, but also the insurer. According to the establishment of the association, the hourly rate of a contract workshop is about 140 euros in the Rhine-Main area, with a ZKF company only at 85 euros. According to Wicheichmann’s words, there are around 5,000 professionals in Germany for body and vehicle technology, they manage a good 50.000 employees. The industry Live to the rough part of the repairs.

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