Work in the mega bunker: “a potential death sentence”

USA: How to brave American diplomats should be?

If it goes after the US Ambassador to Iraq, then diplomats have chosen the wrong profession if they want to put their safety in front of their country and do not want to work in Iraq. Yesterday, Ryan Crocker clearly moved to a dispute theme, which moves the diplomats of the State Department since a week.

Most diplomats should first learn from the media because they did not look at their emails over the weekend. Last week, the news prevailed internationally and the American Foreign Service Officers Do not get away especially well; Spot especially in Arab countries was guaranteed to be guaranteed: 250 workplaces can be awarded for the next summer in Baghdad to employees of the diplomatic service and the diplomats shy the service in the largest and most expensive message in the world!

At the end of autumn, according to a reportage in the American Vanity Fair, the huge building complex should be completed. The converted message sign in the extra-extended green zone should have the coarse of the Vatican State and 21 buildings. Costs: 600 million dollars for construction and scurroted 1.2 billion dollars maintenance per year. It is a fortress with dick concrete walls, which are also to withstand rockets and automobones, watches and secret emergencies, own power generators, own water sources, own telephone network (Virginia Area Code), own mobile network (New York area code), post office, business and air conditioning with our own air to protect against attacks with chemical warfare materials, etc… And 619 bomb-proof apartments, where the diplomatic staff expects a fortunacy of privacy for the usual contemporary conditions:

This is one of the coarse blessings of the new message, because that could relieve the sexual tension that imposes the life in the green zone the residents. Fine thing – the world generally a better, if the American official was more focused on its energy at the following: making love.

William Lanewies, Vanity Fair

And yet Diplomatenkef Harry K had to. Thomas in emails to his employees with forced observations threaten to occupy the 48 digits that were still free in the Baghdad security oasis.

"Directed Assignments" The forced fund and it should not have been applied since the Vietnam War. 250 For the items in Baghdad, qualified diplomats were confronted with the envision that they may have been obliged to their workplace in Baghdad if they did not want to put their job in the Aufe Ministry – excluded from the disciplinary absorption were only medical and other hard cases.

At the meeting, to which Thomas had invited on Wednesday, then the boss was confronted by his diplomats with heavy criticism, which also established itself at the American mission in Iraq. The specific criticism of the job allocation culminated in the allegation of an employee who equus the forced sentence to Baghdad with a potential death sentence:

It’s one thing if someone believes in what happens there and volunteer, but it’s something else to send anyone with compulsion there. And so sorry for me, but I think that’s a potential death sentence and you know that too. Who will raise our children when we are dead or wounded?

Not the only one who made the nearby risk. Also the present trade union chief John K. Naland should have remembered that only more space for 30 more names is on the peculiar board that mits the fallen in service; His employees should have told him that they could not do the job in Baghdad because of the security situation:

How safe are you and the minister (…) that each of these vacant items must be occupied that they should be taken by unarmed, inadequally trained employees of the Foreign Service and Civil Service

According to information of Washington Post so far more than 1.200 out of 11.500 suitable employees of the Foreign Ministry in Iraq, the need for employees has been steady. In contrast, the number of fallen state Department staff has not really been high since Marz 2003: "three".

The lack of enthusiasm of American diplomats for a workplace on one of the three most important opposite services – next to Iraq are the after catching Ryan Crocker Afghanistan and Pakistan – now stobed in the bloggent US-American Counter-insurgency circles Expectant to hard criticism:

Do not hate it even if the Ministry of Dome has confirmed the worst stereotypes? I wife you (the diplomats, erg. D.A.) Civilians are and not trained to work under fight conditions. But Baghdad in 2007 is not Beirut 1983; You have surely experienced worse. With this behavior you certainly do not win friends.

Abu Muqawama

..Suck it up folks. Some years now that our nation requires the services of a coarse amount of their men and women in uniform and it is time for the rest of the government to join. This behavior illustrates the gap between militar and civilians within the government itself. Rarely have we seen a clearer proof of the loan statement: "America is not at; Only America’s military is at was at."

Philip Carter

This story raises important questions about what our diplomatic Corps is concerned and our ability to suppose the global efforts of Counter-insurgency.


But the workplace in the American embassy building in Baghdad could actually be dangerous how probably not only the Vanity Fair reporter suspects:

It could be good that resistance will soon be shielded in any private space, which offer a good overview of the message sign and use mobile phones or other channels to control missiles and other projectiles of their arms brothers exactly to these goals.

However, it is important to be concerns about another danger that goes out of this place: that of the loss of reality and thus the danger of mental health. Similar to the time of Iraqi Information Minister Mohammed Said El Sahaf, Dan Senor, Spokesman of the US Government, have already supplied a strange, the journalists who are surrounding the surrounding reality at a press conference indication of the Embassy of the Embassy. Senor spoke of a bleeding Baghdad, which there was so only in his imagination, the present correspondents, who reported daily from a completely different Iraq, was amazed:

NOW They Listened to Senor AS She Increasingly Did, Setting Aside Their Professional Skepticism for Attitudes Closer To Fascination and Wonder. Senor’s View of Baghdad What So Disconnected from the Streets That, At Least in Front of This Audience, It Would Have Made For ImpossiSby Poor Propaganda. Rather, He Seemed Truly Convinced of What He Said, Which in Turn Could Be Explained Only as the Product of Extreme Isolation.

If you still receive an experience from the world of the resistors, after which people often at unpopular places forced or. be punishable, which one does not want to see on truly important posts, then worse for those courageous diplomats are too fear that voluntarily reported. And for the Iraqis outside this isolated world.

The Iraqis were longing for more normalized, Characterously explained to Prasident Bush in order to demonstrate once again that one is on the right track:

"Slowly But Surely, The People of Iraq Are Reclaiming A Normal Society."

The Embassy of the Americans, as you can see the Iraqis in Baghdad, sets completely different signals. Maybe the diplomats should not show more courage, but their soles, by taking another course.

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