Women was in the middle of the war

Chechnya: A survival strategy against the brutality, the brave and abuse

"Chechnya, these are smoking bilges, builtueruinen and widows", Fits Alexandra Schrodl from the Munchner Working Group Chechnya her impresses after several visits in the Caucasus Republic. After ten years of bombs, death and misery, the state of war has become everyday life. Chechnya is a place of lawlessness, over which there is almost no reporting. Where it is no longer enough for life, the naked existence remains. What does the fight look around?

Unemployment is approximately 95 percent, is produced as well as nothing more. Belich, who has a garden, otherwise it will be difficult, because in Chechnya for most were world market prices – everything is almost as expensive as with us. For quite some time, pensions have been paid again, on average 20 euros, that’s a progress. Hikely, who has coarse parents. Even who has relatives in the camps in Ingushetia and from there something from the food donations of humanitarian organizations preserved (still active: the Danische Fluchtling Committee, UNHCR).

Otherwise it is called: Throwing. Some collect the aluminum of bombs to sell it. Further best sellers is a burned gasoline. Because about 15 meters under Grosny there is Errol and many people operate their own "Drilling station" in your garden, where you are under life circumstantity "Demand", Boil it and sell for 6 rubles per liter than cheap benzine – good customer is the Russian militar.

The castle of the day life is all about women. Most of them are widows, they have to put their children and maybe put together a few relatives. The few men in a military age are mostly hiding in the homes, exhausting work like watercare they can not do, because no one can guarantee that they survive the controls at the erupted blockpost – too many men have already disappeared there. The women have to withstand an unbalancing prere. They have to ensure for survival, organize and improvise stately. The manners disappear, are killed, the children are traumatized, only the women have to work. But there are no structures for you. You do not have a place where you can exchange and get help.

Alexandra Schrodl

Women was in the middle of the war

To give these women a place of encounter, Alexandra together with Lipkhan Basajewa, an employee of the Russian Human Rights Organization Memorial, has had the idea two years ago to build a center for women:

In July 2002 we found a house. It is centrally located in the city center. It’s rough and expanded. The first floor was destroyed, but 35 people have packed with the renovation and after three months it was largely done. It was important to the psychological meaning of the construction: A house was erected again, a house in which life is created. We called the center then Frauen (Russ. Zenskoje Dostoinstvo), because it goes there for people to maintain them as a survival strategy against the brutality, the shells and the abuse that many women have learned.

What does the women’s center offer? The premise of the project consists of the psychologist Zulai, the women’s car Medina, the Lawin Malika and the Head of Laila. They offer psychological care as single or group therapy. They give legal advice, for example, if a woman wants to apply for widow’s pension, but was rejected by the behavior, because the marriage certificate required is missing because he was destroyed in a bombing. The women’s car takes gynakological examinations. She informs about suckling care and also gives important tips for everyday life, how to z. B. In the hygienically difficult circumstances before Salmonella, etc. This help is free for women, most of which do not have any money for a lawyer or doctor visit.

Women was in the middle of the war

The employees of the Center document their work carefully and write regularly reports. That’s important because there are no official statistics on Uber Chechnya and the relevance there. The Caucasus Republic is a blind spot on the Map Humanitar Help: It is probably the only country in the world where none of the coarse humanitarian organizations is more tap.

"The results that bring the investigations of women are twisted", says Alexandra.

In addition to the consequences of violence that are detected, all women suffer from anamy. Many have kidney damage because they lived in cold cellars on months. The poor diet and the bad hygienic conditions have revived diseases that did not exist for a long time: bellytyphus, cholera, jaundice etc. Every second child who comes to the world has malformations. Because the mother is so badly nerves, the organs of the embryos do not develop. Because of the high radioactive load in Grosny and surroundings, thyroid diseases are widespread.

The response to the women’s center is overwalling: Around a thousand women have already visited the center, meanwhile it is known in very Chechnya. In addition to the concrete assistance that the women get there, the center is also important as a communication center, as a place where you can miss the restriction on the family circle at short notice and as a place of well-being. Many women were probably asked for the first time for a long time, as they are going.

In the short time of its existence, Zenskoje Dostoinstvo has developed into numerous activities at the starting point. A small library was created and close and handicraft courses set up. Planned are now computer and language courses. In addition, a small agricultural project was started on the basic stud of the center. There are five killes that are milked daily. The milk is a small calcium syringe for the children of an aid project housed on the ground flank of the house as well as for the children of the mother who visit the center, because 87 percent of Chechen children are malfunction. In order to evaporate the vitamin deficiency of women in pregnancy and its devastating effect, a trial project will be launched this year, in which 50 women are supplied with vitamins from the beginning of their pregnancy.

With so much activity and success, the center must actually be a mandrel in the eye of the Russian militar. But surprisence or protection of protection has not yet been given yet. However, the militars occasionally come by and make identity checks. For the safety of the project and the participants probably contributes to it being officially registered and approved. And of course, international awareness gives a certain protection.

Women was in the middle of the war

The center of women shows how efficiently small projects can be.

The field of our project is infinite, we will continue stucco for stucco. With each donation – and the project finances itself only on donations – we consider what we can do with the money and what people need. Last time we have z. B. Two sports gates bought. That may sound absurd now. But there are no opportunity to do sports for the Chechen women. Jogging is already because of the many mines. And just for these women, it is important to discover something new and develop a little joie de vivre.

The question of what happens when the center was destroyed, the dedicated project manager can not get out of the catch. "For every day that the women can benefit from the center there, it was worth. That was our pramisse – from the beginning."

The project is always pleased to donate to the intercultural forum e. V., Account number: 88 57 700 at the bank for social economy (BLZ 700 20 500)

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