Women stream differently as a manner

Scientists examine genuine differences in aircrafting

The question of whether manner or women are the better pilots can also be Susan P. Baker does not answer the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. But after all, a study that she carried out has been confirmed that there are basic differences between the sexes in the operation of aircraft: Thus, aircraft urine in female pilots are more likely to drove back on operations errors, while manner tend to be inattentiveness and absence of absence.

The basis of the study published in the May edition of Aviation, Space, and Environmental Medicine were data on the crashes of aircraft and helicopters during the years 1983 to 1997. A total of 144 female and 287 sorts of pilots between the ages of 40 and 63 years ago were involved. "Since the youth and inexperience of pilots increased the risk of crashes, we have focused on mature pilots in order to determine the gender differences in the criminal causes."

The most common inflation occurred because the aircraft came to control at the start or at the landing. Almost always a pilot error played a role (95% of women and 88% of the men). Manner rather tended to mislead the fuel supply or forgetting the extension of the chassis, during the landing, during the landing, during women overrun the airplane, so that the buoyancy demolition (stable ring).

However, the coarse tendency to control errors seem to compensate for pilotines through a more cautious flight way at least partially. On the other hand, her man’s colleagues are more willing to take risks. They scare about weather and conditions of view incorrectly or fly machines despite known defects.

"To improve the training of the pilots", Baker summarizes the results of your study, "Should the most common errors experience special attention: incorrect operation of the aircraft, decision-making errors and inattention." Since pilot errors never love quite quite a lot, the accident prevention must also include all the incurable aspects of the flight environment. ()

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