With the data helmet into the gym

MP3 player overview.

From the MP3 player to the mixer there is a growing range of software for digital DJs and those that want to be.

The first address for everything that has to do with MP3s is the Fraunhofer Institute. Here you have developed the compression standard, and here’s the official reference software for playing, free of charge for Macs and Windows. However, you can see the programs on their origin – screendeign with the discrete charm of mathematics, so to speak. Many other players now exist. The most famous of it is probably Winamp. For Winamp, there are not only imposeless skins to give the program a more individual surface, but all imaginable plugins: From the video animation plugin Ubersen vinyl kneler plugin to the head of the headquarters, there is hardly anything missing. Originally, the Winamp forge ZeroSoft has also crafted on a Mac MP3 player under the name Macamp, but the project is abandoned. Others resumed it, which leads to domain and product name traces. As a result, Macamp now means MacaST, which inextricably like "Maca" pronounced. Also very popular in the apple country is the freeware player sound app.

With the data helmet into the gym

In the whole of the talk about the destruction of the music industry, you quickly forget that MP3 should revolutionally revolutionize something completely different: the fully digital radio stations with format radio from the hard disk. Through the internet music boom, but suddenly every network radio wants to make, though the hi-fi rack is quite uncomfortable. The real digital-DJ already needs an MP3 mixer – to the home seizure, for the own RealAudio stream and of course for clubs. Fitness clubs for example. The Fitness DJ + the company promises Gmixon "Tight BPM Control" Timeted sweating. Gmixon also has a virtual DJ environment on offer, complete with data helmet and ­Glove control and animated club environment. We are waiting for the safely groundbreaking connection of the two products.

MP3 into drinking water

Also in here and now there are some interesting developments in this area. And even if HotBot always displays cake gate advertising for appropriate search terms, MP3-Mixing has good chances, sometimes considering so innovative and chic, as the CD never really was. Actually stupid so that the mixer BPM Studio of the German company Alcatech counts CD player to the model. After all, there is a free trial for download from this Windows program. D-Lagion, the Stuttgart developer of the "Acid for the masses"-Software Rubberduck, now also want to bring MP3 software in the Volk in a large style MP3 software. Your MJ Studio mixing software is distributed in Germany from the BHV-Verlag, a trial version is on your website. Despite slightly grayed screen design, the Virtual Turntable from Carrot Innovations is also worth a look – but again only for Windows users. Platform and old-schooly full correctly is a different solution: two computers and a real hardware blender. Then again very simple freeware player, maybe still combine with a fancy plugin to pitch.

Also read the fight for the platform industry loses race around the Christmas business due to missing standards.

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