Winter tires in three dimensions in the test

Munchen, 27. September 2012 – Every year again: In the coming weeks, Reicherhandler will have to do well again, because most motorists were coming to summer tires sometime between October and mid-November. Which winter pneus are especially recommended, ADAC and Foundation Warentest have found a rough test. Tires of the size 165/70 R14, 205/55 R16 and 215/65 R16 were examined. In the test, the adhesion on dry roads, snow, wet and ice, as well as the rolling resistance, the trail and the rolling noise. The latter are determined on the prudent, the liability also plays a role of the subjective impression of the tester.

Losers do not necessarily cheap

With the smaller tires of the size 165/70 R14T only three products received a "good". The Michelin Alpin A4 receives top marks in dry roads and in the wear. The Continental WinterContact TS800 convects especially in snow. The Pirelli winter 190 snowcontrol shows itself as a balanced, good pneu. Little suitable on wet roads are the Effiplus Epluto I, a Chinaimport, as well as the Premiorri Viamaggiore, which comes from Ukraine – both fall with "poor". Noteworthy: Both are not even favorable. The testers determined a price between 40 and 58 euros per stucco for the premiorri viamaggiore. The Continental WinterContact TS800 costs between 50 and 98 euros – so even less in extreme cases.

In the dimension 205/55 R16 Funf tires were rated "good". The Newcomer Continental WinterContact TS 850 convinces with equal four top marks: On snow, on ice, fuel consumption and at the wear. The Michelin Alpin A4 shows special strong and also preserves the top grade in the event of a dry road – only in the fuel consumption he cuts worse. The Dunlop SP WinterSport 4D, the Goodyear Ultragrip 8 and the Nokian WR D3 qualify with consistently good performance for the top field. The Syron Everest 1 has failed, which is completely failed in wet liability and is very loud. As with the small tires, the price comparison is also worthwhile. The weakest in the test is already available from 62 euros per stuck, but those who invested only 15 euros more per tire has the choice between the much better tires of Nokian, Semperit or Vredestein – that should be worth safety.

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