Winter tire mandatory in europe: overview

Winter tire mandatory in europe: overview

Munchen, 10. December 2009 – Who in Germany is on snowy or icy roads on the road, must have been out of the car with winter or year-round tires. Otherwise, a bush money threatens: 20 euros are usually; If other motorists are hindered, even 40 euros and a point in Flensburg. In other countries there are different strict regulations, which concerns the winter rust. A view has now put together the ADAC.

Austria: Similar to this country

In Austria there is a similar regulation as in Germany, but it is clearly on the time of 1. November to 15. April restricted. For winter strain ratios, then only with winter tires can be driven. All year’s or all-weather tires are considered winter tires when they mark "M + S" wear. Snow chain obligation exists only on straws with separate signage.

No regulation in Switzerland

No special legal regulation for winter tires are available in Switzerland. However, however, duels can be detected when driving with unsuitable tires leads to traffic obstruction. Therefore, motorists in Switzerland should be in the winter months exclusively with winter tires. In France and Italy, for certain routes, the use of winter tires or snow chains can be prescribed at short notice – for example, by appropriate signs. In the Italian Aosta Valley is the 15th. October to 15. April of the following year a general winter tire obligation.

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