Winter grain: the plug-in hybrid connects the best of two worlds

The vintaged Viennese engine symposium is probably the most important event of its kind, worldwide. If the engineers imagine their latest developments there, almost all of them have the rank and name, it almost seems like an automotive counterworld to the Vienna Opera Ball – some of them told to preserved guests here certainly no admission, it’s about a first Theme: The future of drive technology. One has style in Vienna, one dominates the etiquette and the word of the industry regions is more meaningful than usual.

For example, by Martin Winterkorn, which can apply as the most successful top manager in the industry: "The electric car will be the future of the individual mobilization of MaBgichicht – and Volkswagen designs this technology from the top. In the medium term, the plug-in hybrid offers coarse potential here, as it connects the best of two worlds in a vehicle". The plug-in hybrid offers unrestricted internal combustion engine and an attractive electrical radius in everyday operation.

Winter grain was one of those who set the solution in 2008 "The future drive electric" stepped, what was at the time for a seemingly radical sensory change in the car industry. It was the beginning of an electric car hypes, whose ideals temporarily exceeded that, which is short and medium term or maybe even overhead. Under plug-in hybrid, Winterkorn probably subsumes different hybrid concepts, whether serial, parallel or power-mounted, which allow a purely electric driving, how far, is ultimately, above all a question of the battery robe. So the need for fossil fuels can be lowered, without having to do without long distances as pure electric cars if necessary,.

The Volkswagen Group wants from 2013/2014 "A whole series of important vehicles" bring into series with plug-in technology. Although you can tackle themes like the loading infrastructure more relaxed, there is no all-clear from the view of Winterkorn: "The electromobility is Europe for the automotive and industrial location … a century task. Manufacturers, suppliers, power generators, science and politics – here are all required." Like his industry colleagues, the Volkswagen boss is merely targeted research requirement, especially in the field of battery technology.

For the Vienna Engine Symposium, a name question was made in the medium term. Although it is not necessary to ame that conventional internal combustion engines lose in importance so fast – especially as hybrid concepts give new impulses for internal combustion engines, as even a simple example shows like the Atkinson cycle at Toyota. There will probably be even more radical breaks, such as roll engines, high-speed concepts or very small-volume engines. The classic conceptual separation between the engine and drive is always difficult to maintain in hybrid concepts. Combustion engine, electric motor, gearbox and vehicle electronics can hardly be considered isolated. Maybe the industry meets in a few years at the Viennese drive symposium.

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