Winter driving training with rally asses from mitsubishi

Winter driving training with rally asses from mitsubishi

Rovaniemi (Finland), 9. February 2009 – Zack, the next! Again, it has caught one of our colleagues in this driving training of a special kind, he has flown off with his Mitsubishi, of which a cloud of snow crystals in the sloping daylight testifies. Now his car manovrierishly puts in a snowbank next to the training distance, and the unbenial rave must wait for the Mercedes-G-Class, which drives from the fleembled splendor to the slopes – an unpleasant moment remains hopefully to spare me. With me, some colleagues north of the Arctic Circle have gathered at minus 18 degrees Celsius to make Mitsubishi factory drivers in the art of drifting on a unique substrate in the art of drifting.

Star corner

Our training area brings such a few special features: In winter, the sun shines only short and without warm. Supposedly the Santa Claus lives here, and the region is rendered touristically until the go-not-more: In December, Rovaniemi is the Holle on earth: American, Japanese and British guests and their kids ensure sales in the local Christmas industry for sales. And in Japan, a skewable reindeer antler of the finest PVC as a skewer would probably be worn. Beyond Polarkreis-Kitsch and unobstructed exportered Santa Claus-trash we rise in our Japanese training device: a largely natural Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X (spoken: ten). As a modification he has spikes provided raders, a metallic special-front climb and no tailgate – the two tailpipes look at the rear without optical support. While the spikes should provide for traction, the Schurzen-Works hold repair costs in bridle.

The Ice Masters

First, we learn: North of the Polar Circle you are ducking. From Uwe Nittel So Uwe, and the always in a good moody Swabe introduces us his two colleagues: Ruben Zeltner from the nearby Ulm and the Saxony Peter Corazza. As a commonality, the two varied rally successes can show. That, on the one hand, is said that we are confronted with an immense experience. On the other hand, in the next three days, we will probably not fulfill the teacher’s monastery gluck to be better than you yourself. We are assigned Ruben. And after the classic didactic pattern "Explain, impinge, imitate" Let’s start.

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