Who is parked, should better call the police

Free parking on the strain edge are mostly rare in the city. Some "Single park" Forward your car in the narrowest look. Although they master it without pulling, but also without random to take on the forest and behind. If you are parked and your car no longer safely out of a cheek, calls best the police and let the officials loose the problem on site, Michael Burmann recommends traffic law in the German lawyer association (DAV). Because usually it is difficult to demonstrable who now paid whom if another vehicle is actually too close to his own car.

In the strain traffic order (STVO) is not exactly determined, how much clearance to parking to other vehicles must be adhered to. "Each road user has to behave so that no other damaged, danger or more than after the circumstances is unavoidable, hindered or bursting," it is called there. "You can not find a maban way in the StVO," says Burmann. Recommend driving instructors to maintain at least one meter distance, after possibility of 50 centimeters forward and back. Then it usually did not get unchecked drivers at the papers, says Gerhard von Bressensdorf, Chairman of the Federal Association of Driving Teachers’ Association (BVF).

Burmann Council motorists in the clamp urgently from calling themselves a tow truck and eliminate a storing vehicle. The client usually had bad maps that the holder of the car on the hook pays the cost of use. Who let lapse, must clearly demonstrate the situation, which is usually extremely difficult, so Burmann. Absolut taboo is it according to Burmann to get the needed place to park with the car "freeze": Let the driver get involved, he would have to emerge for all damage caused by other vehicles – no matter how closely the parking is in the he steady.

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