When is the infrastructure for electric vehicles?

When is the infrastructure for electric vehicles?

Magdeburg, 4. July 2008 – Building a power and hydrogen infrastructure for vehicles with electric or fuel cell drive, car manufacturer Daimler and the United Nations Environment Program UNEP (United Nations Environment Programs) are committed to the 5. Magdeburg Environmental Forum. There discuss to 4. July around 250 representatives from business, science, politics and government and non-governmental organizations under the motto "Sustainable Mobility – The Post 2012 CO2 Agenda" Solutions for the strain traffic of the future.

UNEP: System-appraisal solutions for the mobility

A sufficient network of electrical and hydrogen petrol stations is the prerequisite for rapid market import of locally emission-free drives, uncharged UNEP and Daimler, who signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) in 2005 in order to advance emission-free driving and shared as a host of the Environment Forum In Magdeburg. "Automobile manufacturers, which use their innovative power for the development of groundbreaking technologies and enter into partnerships with innovative fuel manufacturers and city planners, can lead to the thus urgent needed change. Those who do not bother this path will stay on the track", Forecast Achim Steiner, Executive Director of UNEP climate change, growing traffic and rising crude oil prices require steiner "System-approved solutions for the requirements of national and global mobility".

Zetsche: Technology is ready to market

"We have developed the technologies and are now able to enforce them in the market", explains the CEO of Daimler AG, Dieter Zetsche. For 2010, the car drums plans the market import of battery-powered vehicles or electricity from fuel cells – currently running in London a field trial with 100 electro-smarts with lithium-ion batteries, and in this early year, a vehicle of the Mercedes B-Class completed with fuel cell drive Extra cold tests in which the vehicle according to the manufacturer’s information was demonstrated by the starting ability at a temperature of up to minus 25 degrees.

The technology says Zetsche with it "in the starting holes", Now it is time for energy suppliers and mineral companies to proof their commitment. "We go to possible partners and give the initial cover here", Customer of the Car Manager. At light, no one of the car manufacturers are currently doing right now, right now, when and in whatever form the HENNE EI problem is released from new gas station infrastructure and success of one of the possible emission-free drive technology. Meanwhile, the corporations with small series as in the case of the Honda FCX Clarity with fuel cell or present concept cars as the Renault-Nissan Alliance the Scenic ZEV H2 with fuel cell.

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