What chevy volt and nissan leaf consume

What chevy volt and nissan leaf consume

Hannover, 25. NIX 2010 – In the US, Nissan and GM for some time now, whether the Leaf or the Volt is now the most efficient electric car – quite apart from the question of whether the Volt is at all of one, as GM is still aming today. Although it is now known that there is operations in which the volts drive works like a power-mounted hybrid. But the circumstance that a driving without electric motor is not possible, GM still evaluates roughly as a criterion for an electric car. The American Environment Agodords EPA has been positioned in so far as it classified the volts as plug-in hybrid and the leaf as electric car.

The main thing is economical

Many car ports will no matter this discussion. Most will best ask how to compare the consumption of the two cars, which in turn has caused the EPA to create a suitable label. Whether Nissan Leaf, Chevy Volt or other future new cars: They all are supposed to have a newly designed sticker on the windshield after a suggestion of the EPO, which is to be read from the consumption or consumption equivalent. The environmental doctors differently differentiates between gasoline and diesel cars, electric cars, plug-in hybrids, flexi-fuel vehicles and cars operated with natural gas.

Nissan Leaf: 2.37 liters ..

Now the EPA has published its measurement results for both vehicles and causes flowers for clarification – at least after mortifies mabs, because even the comparatively realistic US consumables are not the reality. Accordingly, the Nissan Leaf achieves a value of 99 MPGE in the American measuring cycle (city and uberland). MPG stands for Miles by Gallon, the little one "e" for "equivalent". The basis for the calculation of the consumption equivalent is the EPO formula, according to the 33.7 kWh of a consumption of a gallon of gasoline. In German: The Nissan Leaf "consumed" about 2.37 liters – thanks to the far better overall efficiency of an electric drive.

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