We can see you

We can see you

During some in this country of dictatorships, our correspondent in China is actually monitored by a Corona app comprehensively. A control report

My life in Beijing is now determined by an app: is she tauty, may I meet with friends in a cafe or go shopping in the shopping center. To do this, I have to scan a code every time the entrance with my smartphone and hope that the great characters appear on the display: "No abnormal condition." No corona so.

Without this app, I can not go to the backer, no longer to the bank and not in most restaurants. I can not take the train or climb a plane. If I enter a police control or check in a hotel, it is certainly required to show the app. Almost overnight, China has undertaken to the verdict of an algorithm that plays merciless gorther.

A few days ago, it met me: I was arranged for the breakfast in a hotel. The porter MAB first my temperature. 36.1 degrees. "And now the app quickly quickly", he said. I moved out my phone and scanned the code printed on a stucco cardboard. This time no great characters appeared, but yellow: "Observation at home", Displayed the app. The porter looked affected. After a few seconds he said: "Sorry, unfortunately I can not clean her." I remained unnecessary, as to cancel the appointment and to run home.

If you do not agree, you should call the burger master under 12345

I had about Corona? Impossible: my last test was only a week, he was negative. And officially there has been no new start-ups in Beijing since then. Anyone who does not agree with the judgment of the app can call the Hotline of the Beijing Oberburgermaster. The number is quite proper: 12345. Unfortunately, I have not met anyone who has ever come through, even with me the line was steady. The next day my app showed Grun again, as goods have been nothing. A programming error? Or was it intention?

The first version of the app came on 9. February on the market, no three weeks after the Chinese resorts had sealed the million town of Wuhan. The idea: a digital health certificate that is linked to either Alipay, the payment service of the Internet grob Handler Alibaba, or with Weib, the main messenger of the country. In the first of all, it was important to collect travel information: Who was in Wuhan, the place of origin of the virus? Grun has since meant that you can move freely. Yellow: Quarter. And red: You have pretty sure Corona.

Also in Germany much is discussed how a tracing app worked, namely anonymous and voluntary. Data should be collected exclusively to "To let users know if they were in close contact with other, already infected users – without revealing the respective identity", it is in a commitment of the participating corporations. In China, however, I’m aftergerade glasses.

The app woman very much over me: name, passport number, photo. She wife where I stop, with which express train I drove, yes even on which seat I sat sat. When and how often I have undergone myself a corona test (three times in the past four weeks – always negative). On which other data the app otherwise accesses what information you are on whom and how regularly transferred, I can only guess. Anyway, the app is very active. Statement is the battery of my smartphone empty.

The Corona crisis has used the guided in Beijing in order to expand the already pretty supervision in China again on the way to the digital dictatorship. Only the internet sensor, now the whole country has installed a monitoring app on the phone. Until a few weeks ago the goods have been unthinkable, where you had ancestors.

In the Xinjiang region, in the northwest of China, on the border with Kazakhstan, the state has built a tremendous laboratory for data experiments. Everything that is technically feasible is tried there to the Uighurs, a Muslim minority,. Overlooking drones, facial recognition, spyware. At gas stations in Xinjiang you only get gasoline, if you have been reading his face before. For strain controls, the police check the smartphone, the data are read out; Everyone needs to have an app installed, which determines whether one has looked for forbidden videos.

"The aim is the pre-piled obedience"

If you download a locked messenger like WhatsApp to your smartphone, you have to expect to disappear in one of the many umrestrial bearings. As one of the first, the researcher Adrian Zenz has described building this monitoring state in Xinjiang: "The aim is the leading obedience of the burger, the internalization of control, the self-center." Now she achieves – accelerated by Corona – the rest of the country.

For the security apparatus, the virus is almost a celestial gift. The agent is about shifting control into the head of the people, it should arise a society that regulates themselves. A system that no longer needs to be a power of policemen, because all of them are censored by themselves: I went that I will monitor, so I behave compliant. And whom the state does not dare? One click in the data center is enough forestry, already shows the app yellow instead of grun. No more travel, no restaurant visits, but home arrest.

Most Chinese seem to accept the new dictatorship of the app, as far as you can judge that. No Corona demonstrations as in Germany. Certainly no transparent, on which party leader Xi Jinping or Minister Prosident Li Keqiang are referred to as autocrats. Nobody who "Freedom" or "dictatorship" Skanded, as this weekend again in Munchen, Stuttgart or Berlin. In Germany, the complete nonsense, in China goods protest is actually attached, but also much more danger than here.

The lead in Beijing has succeeded in the past few weeks to negotiate a new deal which replaces the old society pact between the Communist Party and the Chinese population. Until the end of January, to the locking of Wuhans, was: the government ensures that the economy grows rapidly, in return, the Chinese do not mix into politics. Now the economy is shrinking, actually the legitimacy had to rush, but the opposite is the case.

The apparatus now promises security instead of growth. China is the only country that has the coronavirus downgrades, the only state offering its burgers protection against this humidician disease. The world coughs and feverish, not only China.

So that that remains so, in the fight against the virus of each fund is right. The country boundaries are dense, per day end up throughout China only a good 20 aircraft from abroad. And everyone who exudes must in Quarantae. Perennial. Even more control for the state.

I spent more than a month in isolation this year this year. Until recently, if you leave Beijing, then have to be in Quartere for two weeks. For short business trips were tedious expeditions. Normally I spent three, four days in Wuhan in mid-April, there were twitched. Anyone who liked Beijing for Beijing must first submit an application – by app -, then undergo a corona test and, above all, wait. After ten days, I finally got an SMS from the Chinese railway administration, with the permission to book a ticket.

On the way MAB The conductor twice fever, in Beijing awaited me in ABC protective candy, saluted officials, until the apartment was accompanied. 14 days I was not allowed to get out of the house. No jogging round, no shopping. Instead: Bucher, Crosstrainer, TV. My foods I ordered online, a messenger made everything in front of the entrance.

If I ordered my lunch, the delivery was a piece of paper, notes the name of the cook and its body temperature. The data of the waiter. And finally that of the driver, who had brought my food on his electric wheel. Twice a day I had to measure fever myself. For more than 37.3 degrees body temperature it was recommended that I let myself be brought to a clinic by ambulance.

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