Watercar gator: amphibian car on cafer basis

Watercar gator: amphibian car on cafer basis

Fountain Valley (California / USA), 8. July 2011 – Watercar is trimming with the Python to create the fastest amphibious vehicle in the world – no wonder, finally, its engine comes from the US sports car icon Corvette. Now the Californians have developed a cheaper alternative for hobby screwdrivers, which do not want to do without their mobile pedestal in the water: the kit should also be driving and floating "Gate" develop.

VW Cafer as a base

As a basic thing for the gator serves a VW cafer. Watercar has developed easily to assemble body parts and a boat hull for this construction. The body is modeled on Jeep CJ-8, as he was built from 1981 to 1986, but is made of fiberglass. Cavities are made out of the manufacturer with foam so that the gator should be uninkable. As a drive for the rear roller, the inlet and air cowled four-cylinder boxers of the cafe remain. However, Watercar from a power range from 75 to Uber 200 hp. The original engines were delivered with services between 24 and 54 hp, so additional motor tuning is announced. As an alternative to the VW engine, the manufacturer suggests a four-cylinder boxer of Subaru, where the installation was allowed to fail more complicated here, since the Japanese engine is erupted with a water boiler.

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