Watchos 7: active properties finally adjustable better

Watchos 7: Active Properties Finally adjustable better

Apple’s activity rings have existed since the first ie of Apple Watch in 2015 – and they are one of the most popular functions. The clock consists of three things: the consumed "Active caloria", which are burned by sports and movement, the sporting performance from a quick walking (training ring), as well as the fact that you have moved at least one minute per hour (ring FURS standing). Users can try to shut up all three rings, which can be motivating for the sporty anticipation. However, the activity rings in the configuration options were previously very professed.

To reduce goals

With Watchos 7, which appeared on Tuesday, this is finally changed. So far, it was only possible to determine the activated calories to be achieved per day – either directly or once weekly on demand – can now also be set to the training ring and the ring FURS. At least at the training ring, both an episis is provided upwards and downwards, so that both initiators and advanced find themselves. The training goal can be reduced per day to only 10 minutes or increased to 60 minutes – previously, 30 minutes were specified.

Standing with Ring FURS will remain with a maximum of 12 hours in which you have to have been at least a minute and have moved; But it is now possible to define a minimum of only 6 hours. The latter is about practical, if you are traveling and the time zones changes – then the cloak of the ring is not possible at any circumstances. Some people also have very short days, which is now considered.

No Cheat Days

What is currently missing in Watchos 7 is still missing, so-called Cheat Days for the rings are. This allowed a user "Chunk" Defining where he does not have to achieve the goal of shutting them. Not every person is active enough daily – but they lose theirs "Streak", So the number of days on which you have completely closed the rings.

This in turn can be very demotivating. Users had asked Apple for years to implement such a feature. With the new setting function one can also be loose days "intercept", But using Cheat Days this would only be a keystroke.

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