Washtec: pay car wash via app

Washtec: pay car wash via app

The washer manufacturer WashTec wants to establish the payment of the car wash via app in Germany and other countries. Motorists can then drive directly into the washing strain and elections the program by mobile phone – without before to have to go to the cash register. "You can get out, but it does not have to go," said Financial Officer Axel Jaeger on Tuesday (19. Marz 2019) At the headquarters in Augsburg. The company offers washing technology and cleaning chemistry. WashTec with 1870 employees is represented according to own information in about 70 countries.

Also the payment of the car wash takes over the smartphone. To ensure that the right car is washed, the washing system should detect the license plate. Washtec believes that the offer could be particularly interesting for small or medium grooves operators of washing systems. The coarse mineralolks were perhaps developed their own apps. Washtec promises the providers of its washing systems of higher sales. Driver with the app were twice as much money for the car wash as other customers, it is called.

What you should pay attention to the car care and what should be better than avoiding, we have summarized for them together car care by hand and what should avoid better, we have summarized for them here.

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