Was klaeden teached over government company with daimler?

The Case Eckart of Klaeden continues to ensure rest: Daimler had a report of the mirrors Back, after which the Earlier Chancellor’s Minister of Chancellery was involved in a billion company of the company with the Confederation. Klaeden stands because of his direct change from the Chancellery to Daimler for a long time in criticism. The suspicion in the room is that the politician could have used itself for interests of the company. The Berlin Prosecutor’s Office already received investigations because of suspicion of beneficial acceptance.

By Klaeden was "to the entire talks with the Federal Government" to reduce Daimler shares in the rust and aircraft EADS at any time, the carmaker announced on Sunday in Stuttgart. "There were no attempts from Daimler AG to contact Eckart from Klaeden directly or indirectly." Of the mirrors reported that Klaeden in the years 2009 to 2012 had made more than 20 times with a friendly manager at the InvestmentBank Goldman Sachs. This was commissioned in 2012 and 2013 as one of several banks with the processing of the share of shares. The State KfW Banking Group concluded a part of the last participation of Daimler and that of a consortium of EADS for treasured 1.6 billion euros.

As a Minister of State, Klaeden had received documents on the process. "He has received internal templates of the status department of the Federal Chancellery, which contains an item for sale of EADS shares of Daimler AG to KfW," says it according to magazine in the response of the Federal Government on a request of the Green Members Lisa Paus. Overall, the CDU politician is therefore to be 18 templates in the period from 17. August 2010 until 13. September 2012 received. According to the report, Klaeden should then often have taken shortly after receiving new documents with the Goldman banker. In addition, he should come together for a total of fun times with EADS representatives. Of Klaeden and the Bank employees told the magazine, never talked about Daimler and EADS in connection with the Share Sales.

The Grununen reused criticism of the change of Klaedens to Daimler and the cheap attitude in the Chancellery. "Monthly, the Federal Government has been denied that there are floating. The opposite is now becoming more and more clearly, "said the parliamentary manager of the Grunen, Britta Habelmann, on Sunday. She demanded more transparency and a "waiting time" of at least three years in which a change of excreting government members is prohibited in the economy. Thus, interest collisions could be avoided. According to public and internal criticism, Klaeden had its seat in the CDU prasidium a week ago. First of all, the 47-year-old had pretended to stay in the panel by the end of 2014. From Klaeden has been since the 1. November 2013 Head of the Department of Politics and Inner Relationships at Daimler. Previously, he was since October 2009 Minister of State in the Chancellery.

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