Wankel pilgrimage: mazda-cosmo meeting in germany

Wankel pilgrimage: mazda-cosmo meeting in germany

Gersthofen, 20. August 2009 – Here is the Mazda Cosmo Sport with Wankel engine almost not to be seen, just 1176 pieces were built between 1967 and 1972 and sold attractive in Japan. So it was a revelation for Wankel lovers from all over the world, which is from 10. Until the 15th. August in the courtyard of the Mazda Handler Frey in Gersthofen at Augsburg TRUG: Finely cleaned us there in Reihr und Kinken fourteen of the rare coupes.

Japanese with Italian face

At the breakfast morning, a few farm is still on the grounds, an ideal opportunity for us to look at the Cosmo Mazdas Close. At first glance, the flat body looks a bit strange with the a bit too long, but in a closer look, we think: well suited for a Japanese from this time. Finally, Nippon’s engineers generally tended for miniaturization of US-body. We have to look a deep look to take a look through the side window and see a strikingly ergonomic cockpit with many round instruments and a coarse triple steering wheel. All too roughly the two passengers should not be, but at least they can take place on plaid fabric. The switching stub with which the four-speed gearbox is operated reminiscent of the joystick of the first Mazda MX-5.

Across the ocean

The reason for the presence of the small Japanese is the first international Cosmo meeting. Special for this purpose, a group of said 14 cars passed the long journey from Japan to Europe in the stomach of a Mazda transport ship. For the owners of the vehicles no easier step, finally they had to give their treasure for weeks. Arrived in Germany, a local short-term mark on the Japanese license plates has been mounted out of insurance funds. During the Fifestag meeting, for the Cosmo friends stood a dense program, including a visit to the Zweiginstitut Felix Wankels in the Swiss Rorschach and a great trip to Castle Neuschwanstein.

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