Wall building in ukraine

After the envision of the Russian troop deduction, the peace process could be progressed, but a solution to the conflict is in a far away

After a meeting of the Security Council on Saturday and a meeting with defense mister Shoigu, the Russian Prasident Putin had arranged to start with the jerking of the troops in the Rostov region at the Ukrainian border with their support points (Putin orders mano engines at the border to Ukraine Zurze). The 17.600 soldiers had participated in military deubs. These "Military" had been started as the situation in the Eastern Ukraine. Moscow had built a threat of threats, probably less to capture the Ostukraine, which Putin had always scored, but rather to keep a part of the limit to the spatical care for their care, and maybe, too if necessary "Peacekeeper" to send.

A view of the bonded airport of Donetsk. Image: novorossianews

The trigger of the troops is considered a step for a possible peaceful solution. The Kremlin had conceded the decision a few days before a planned meeting between Putin and Poroshenko in Milan. In the presence of European heads of government, it is said to be spoken on the peace plan and above all about gas supply. Presumably Putin wants to deflect against the EU with the gesture, which, on the other hand, wants to ensure energy security for the EU and Ukraine on the other hand before the nearby winter.

Alexej Pushkow, the sub-officer of the State Duma, emphasized that it is a peace signal, while at the same time criticizing the construction of the wall at the Ukrainian-Russian border. The purpose is it, "to steal the hatred of Russia to schuren and budgetary money".

Although battle continue to continue the airport in Donetsk, for which separatists and Ukrainian safety fees accuse each other, and there are still civilians from artillery fire to life, the situation seems to calm down. UN-escape help UNHCR threw heavy human rights violations in a report both the separatist and Ukrainian militia. There are on both sides of declarations, the peace plan on the ceasefire and the exchange of prisoners with the rezug of heavy weapons to continue 15 km from the demarcation line. Remains largely open, as it stands with the elections. the "Folk republics" do not want to participate in the parliamentary elections, but elections through at the beginning of November.

The spokesman of the Rada, the ex-prassident Turtchnonov, confirmed that no elections can be carried out in the Crimea and in parts of Donbass. But you will do it after the "liberation" repeat. However, in the Ukraine-enabled people should participate in them and somehow one wants to try that the deputies, which are elected via party lists, the interests of people in the Crimea and in Donbass.

If an unification is reached here, it is unlikely because the separatists want to implement the ceasefire, but stick to independence. In the ranks of the separatists there is disagreement and find struggle instead. To the elections on the 9. In November, both the current head of government occurs, which has signed the peace plan in Minsk, as well as Vice-allocation leader Andrej Purgin and Pawel Guarew, the Fruhere "Volksgooverener" by Donetsk, who called the peace plan as a betrayal. On Guarw, the driver of "Neurussland" was on the night of Sunday to Monday in the field of "People’s Republic" An attack refurbished. Unknown shot at his car, he was unconscious in a hospital.

Will be delivered in Ukraine and in the West that the conflict in the long run "frozen" could, D.H. that the "Folk republics" Donetsk and Lugansk independently and maybe remain under Russian control. In Kiev, it is always ared that this will not tolerate this, weird but that’s not just the "Rough Ukrainian wall" 2000 km long on the Russian border is built, but allegedly also at the borders of the areas controlled by separatists. There, ditch should be excavated and concrete locks are built, while the rough wall consists of a two-meter-high fence with barbed wire, followed by a concrete base and a ditch. Poroshenko speaks of three mounting lines: control bodies, antiparts trenches, obstacles, digging, part of, barbed wire, "special locations" For artillery and tank etc. , which should prevent invasion.

Militarically, the security system makes no sense, it is more of a symbolic way, serves as a job creation mapping, should make the separation of Russia visible and, above all, prevent people and material from being uncontrolled over the border. Whether the fence is directed against the many people who fled from Donbass to Russia is open. In addition, a fence was not allowed to be built on the entire border, for example in wetlands.

Prasident Poroshenko exbers like ubrow victory announcements of the "heroic" Troops that are not only solved, but also well-trained units of the neighboring country and finished their offensive, but also spoke of several fortification lines built in Donbass. They became one "Reliable protection against the spread of terrorism into the rest of the Ukrainian territory" represent. That Poroshenko here again speaks for a flat rate of terrorism and from solders and Russian soldiers, instead of differentiating, also suggests that he also tends to delay this border, which also prevents the movement of people from Donbass and in them. If this applies, this is not a good sign for a lasting solution of the conflict. However, Poroshenko wants to achieve control of the border section dominated by the separatists to send the enclaves. He relies all hope for the OSCE mission adopted in the Peace Plan, which should also observe the border with drones. And the rather pragmatically oriented oligarch also fights to implement the peace plan against the adversaries in Kiev, which is why he always needed gross nationalist rhetoric and stroking the progress of the militar. If the ceasefire is broken and the peace process fail, the situation was allowed to be restless again in Kiev.

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