Waiting for democracy

The Afghanistan conference at Bonn goes to the end of this Wednesday, but the democracy has not begun for a long time

One and a half weeks took the negotiations on the political future of Afghanistan on the Petersberg near Bonn. In the end there is an agreement that will be signed the four participating groups after the previous schedule today more or less satisfied. Many compromises were preceded by the signatures. It was clear, however, that at the end an agreement had to stand.

Not only the UN General Secretar Kofi Annan, also Western heads of government – among them Gerhard Schroder – had removed further economic aid from an agreement of the political groups. It should be prevented that any help of one or the other rival war party fall into the hands.

Both "Talk on Afghanistan" One agreed therefore on a timetable for government formation. He looks like this: Another until the end of the year "Interim government" convene, which serves about six months as a contact person. In the early year, a rough Council meeting will meet with 700 to 1000 representatives from all parts of the country, which in turn mandated a transitional government. This body should pave the way for elections within 18 months. The interim government will consist of a head of government, five representatives and 23 other members with resort responsibility. Democratic elections will take place according to information of the UN 24th of 2004.

More than the structural question is not solved. The parties involved will be just due to a democratic reform of the political system. It speaks for itself that the former Konig of a country in which the parliamentary democracy was already known is currently being traded as a hopeful carrying. Sahir Shah is scheduled to open the Loja Dschirga in the early year and participate in a leading position to her.

In the body, information from the United Nations planning staff will also participate in civil society groups and social organizations for the first time. How weight will be your role, but is unknown. In the Pakistani Islamabad, a representative of the World Food Program (WFP), however, suggested that humanitize help is designed for the ability to distribute the previously marginalized civil society groups. Thus, a higher authority could be awarded to them, said the WHO representative. However, such questions had no role in the negotiations in Germany.

On the Petersberg it was only the distribution of power. Lost here, it looks like the still acting head of government Barhannudin Rabbani. He had had to instruct his delegation, under no circumstances to the agreement on the personnel composition of any transitional governments. After an intervention of Federal Minister Joseph Fischer, Rabbani gave. Too much depends on the negotiations in Germany. In the transition bodies has probably probably not planned for the man, who refused in the prevention phase of the Burger War from 1992 to 1996 as a prasident several times a promised jerking. The Intervention Fischer at Rabbani is indication of the new strong role of Berlin in the formation of an Afghan state. During the "Talk on Afghanistan" On the Petersberg took place, the donor conference for the Asian country should be aligned in Berlin.

Has enforced for the succession of Rabbanis of the USA Sayed Hamid Karzai Sayed Hamid Karzai. For this, the three resorts go to the Inner, Auberes and Defense to the North Alliance. The established stakeholders were able to prevail against a military commitment of the UN. Only in an appendix to the Agreement, the UN General Assembly is requested to send troops to Kabul. You should help the region to secure the capital. Own command structures, however, expresses this and also a preselection has been made in the country. The UN soldiers should come from Turkey. A classic use of UN blue helmets is excluded.

In the discussion about the participation of women at the transition process, a small success could be recorded. From the two representatives of the Revolutionary Association of Women of Afghanistan, the Sofora Waleed (Ocean Name) was added to the Rome Group, contrary to the will of delegates of the North Alliance. The two RAWA delegates were supported by the Nottuln Peace Initiative. "We did not just want to lame the bombs, but make an active contribution to the start of civil society", Alfons Klein-Mollhoff explained from the group of Nottuln at Munster. That’s why one of the first steps was to set up a donation account in Germany. So far, money pay for the rawa or other groups had to walk over Pakistan. Although three women were present in the delegations, but they have either "Ornamental" Talked, says Klein-Mollhoff, or women who lived in exile for many years and having little experience with the actual conditions on site.

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