Waggon with incravated natural gas tested

In Elbehafen in Brunsbuttel on Monday for the first time a Kesselwaggon of VTG with incravated natural gas (LNG) has been loaded. In addition to the truck, the rail transport of LNG could be an important link between the importer and the end user, explained representatives of different companies. So far, it is only a test. The LNG wagon of VTG is the first in Europe and can transport 42 tonnes of incravated natural gas.

As a matter of principle, politics in the federal government, country and region for the increased use of LNG. There are many positive signals from the economy. Nevertheless, it is just progressing. "We have to think about a diversification of the fuel base," said the CDU Bundestag member Norbert Brackmann. "We need coarse independence, and LNG is okological and security policy of eminent meaning."The Bundestag has therefore increased the claims for LNG projects.

The incremented natural gas is a fossil energy carrier, but causes significantly fewer pollutants as a coal or OL. The natural gas consumed in Germany is returned to 40 percent from Russia. In the medium term, the share of Russia increased to 60 percent. "Unfortunately, there is no LNG scenario in the Federal Government, but only one of Northstream II, another pipeline through the Baltic Sea," said Kurt-Christoph von Knobelsdorff from the Kiel Ministry of Economic Affairs. One should at least calculate both variants for the supply of Germany.

The Brunsbutteler Harbor has been with the construction of an LNG infrastructure for years. "We had adopted that the stricter environmental guidelines on the North and Baltic Sea became a high demand for LNG as a ship fuel," said sports drivers Frank Schnabel. Investments for an import terminal, for those interested in the port in Rostock and Wilhelmshaven, are 300 to 400 million euros. Schnabel already negotiates with investors and is committed to evidence.

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