Vws study caddy topos sail design

Vws study caddy topos sail design

Dusseldorf, 28. August 2008 – The VW Caddy is the smallest commercial vehicle in the portfolio of Wolfsburg. So he belongs to the commercial vehicle division of VW and is actually a true Hanoveraner. The somewhat more comfortable passenger variants prevents Caddy Life and the Caravan Salon in Dusseldorf (30.8th. to 7.9.2008) Volkswagen from the small useful vice makes a noble sailing mobile.

Please take off shoes

The study with the overbonding name "Caddy Topos Sail Design" Makes above all people who can look at their roof. There the finest wood was embedded, surrounded by an aluminum rail. The original sailboat fub bottom can be opened in the front area to a kind of deckchair. If you like there in style in the sun at stylish, you must enter the deep in the tailgate wooden aluminum steps with its sailing shoes or best barfub.

Even more wood

On the sides, the Caddy Topos Sail Design Concept betrayed by thick wooden trim strips that make the car lightly ulcless. The tailgate does not only fall on through the extravagant stairs, especially because of this ascent the rough VW logo had to walk on the sheet from the middle to the right on the right. A wooden insert masquered in the rear tailor-made wooden insert completes the maritime touch of sail caddy.

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