Vws news on the car china 2012

Vws news on the car china 2012

Beijing (China), 24. April 2012 – VW focuses on his trade fair appearance on the car China 2012 (23. April to 2. May in Beijing) in the Chinese market. As the most important novelty, the New Lavida is presented, but also the open e-bugster, no unknown.

New Lavida: In the new VW look

The Lavida builds VW since 2008 in China. So far, 700.000 vehicles of this type are deducted. Now Volkswagen adapts the success model of the new design line: the completely new body is falling through its sharp edges and the rectilinear front. VW refers to the design genes on the DNA of the Passat. Serial mabig is the New Lavida with ABS, ESP and Frontairbags are erupted.

CC with Power, Cross Coupe economical

In addition, the Wolfsburgs in Beijing are the CC 3.0 V6 before. The top model of the CC series is organized at 6300 rpm 250 hp from its six-cylinder engine. The maximum torque of 310 nm is 3300 rpm. Over a six-speed double-clutch gearbox is switched. The standard consumption is available VW with 9.4 liters per 100 kilometers. The Cross Coupe has already shown Volkswagen in December 2011 on the Tokyo Motor Show. At that time, the Coupe SUV study was motorized with a gasoline plug-in hybrid. This should burn average 2.7 liters per 100 kilometers. In Beijing, the concept vehicle is now with a diesel plug-in hybrid. Thus, the thirst sinks according to the factory to 1.8 liters diesel per 100 kilometers, which corresponded to a CO2 outlet of 46 g / km. With a system performance of 306 hp, the cross-coupe study should be up to 220 km / h quickly.

Again open and tiguan r-line

VW is not too bad to sell the open e-bugster as a trade fair premiere. The e-bugster is an electric car convertible study on Beetle-based, which was already shown in Detroit in early 2012. At the US trade fair, the E-BUGSTER was only seen with a closed roof, but in a videophone published at the time of the fair, the electricity cafe drove openly open. The e-bugster will be a view of the new Beetle Convertible. On the basis of the equipment track Style with 170-PS TSI engine is now available for the Tiguan R-Line packages. These values the exterior, among other things, by 19-inch rims. There is also a sports suspension with the game. The interior is refreshed with leather sitting and a multifunction steering wheel with aluminum decor.

Low Scirocco R, Phaeton with noble leather

Also, the SCIROCCO R, which VW brings to Beijing, is specifically intended for the Chinese market. And the Chinese have to live with less power with a higher consumption: during the German Scirocco R with 265 hp is traveling, the Chinese model with 255 hp must be begging. The maximum torque also lies with 330 nm whose 20 under the German execution. In Germany, the car is optionally outlined with a six-speed circuit or a six-speed dual-clutch transmission. In China, the DKG series is. And then VW still has an interior study parat: The Phaeton Exclusive Concept gets a cabin equipment of the Italian noble leather manufacturer Poltrona woman.

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