Vw wants with electric models in 2013 to the chinese market

Vw wants with electric models in 2013 to the chinese market

Beijing, 26. April 2010 – The Volkswagen Group has been accused of critics for a long time to neglect the topic of electromobility. Now the VW boss Martin Winterkorn has been admitted to the "Auto China 2010" (25. April to 2. May 2010) for the first time on the medium-term goals. China therefore plays a central role in the planning of Europe’s large car manufacturers.

Final year 2013

On the booming Chinese market VW also wants to become market fuels with the electric cars. The production of electric cars in China should start in 2013/2014, the Group announced on Friday at the car fair in Beijing. VW boss Martin Winterkorn said China is the world’s most important market for the Volkswagen Group. The success of the electromobility in China is crucial for the global implementation of the electromobility strategy. VW have as a multi-brand group "like no second" stuff to help the electric car for breakthrough. According to the will of the Executive Committee, the year 2013 will become the "final year" for electric cars.

Cooperation with other companies

VW wants in 2013 electro versions of the models Golf, Jetta and the new microscope UP! launch. As the conclusion for success, the development is more powerful and at the same time cheaper lithium-ion batteries. Volkswagen works with several partners – including the Japanese electronics companies Toshiba, Sanyo and the Chinese caraker BYD. The latter also works with Daimler.

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