Vw up!: small rear motor study is presented on the iaa

Vw up!: small rear motor study is presented on the iaa

Frankfurt am Main, 11. September 2007 – a study of a special kind present Volkswagen on the IAA (13. to 23. September 2007): the up!. The small VW is supposed to face the traditions of well-known Volkswagen like cafer and Bulli. The overall concept is surprised by functionality. The name of the study should stand for departure and dynamics. "For Volkswagen", so dr. Ulrich Hackenberg, Management Board Technical Development, "is the response of the IAA visitors a crucial test as to whether the study has similar potential, such as the cafe and today the Golf."Then foreve the chance that the up! from 2010 will be built.

Study with rear engine

The up! Is a car for four people. He is 3.45 meters long and 1.63 meters wide. It takes a detail with cafe and Bulli: He also has the engine behind. The team of designers and engineers has the concept study up! the first member of a whole model family designed; Further facets are therefore very conceivable.

No classic killer grill

The fact that the engine of the up! Works back, influences the exterior design. Because the up! Does not have a classic killer grill. He suggests the Brucke to the cafer. Dominant design features are the headlights inwards, which, in between horizontally extensive, the VW logo, the far-to-front trunk hood and the smooth-flat stobbar with an all-round black stripes as a detail of the FUR Volkswagen typical "HappyFace".

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