Vw-touareg 3.0 tdi in the driving report: propes the base engine?

Vw-touareg 3.0 tdi in the driving report: propes the base engine?

Hair, 20. July 2012 – For about two years, the VW Touareg is in the current form in the market. The heavy SUV benefits from the current boom in this segment. We drove the basic model with the 204-hp diesel and wanted to know if the Touareg is sufficiently motorized.

Suspension with air suspension

The Touareg with V6 diesel weighs empty 2.1 tons. Nevertheless, it comes well with large strain unevenness and with sleek curve frames quite well, if the customer has invested the 2640 euros for the air suspension: sometimes you realize a light SUV-rarm and barely realizes. The heavyweight will not be used with this option for agile camberry, but that will probably expect any seriously in this car and weight class. The brakes stop the thick brumes reliable and the steering is sufficiently accurate.

Sufficient performance

The entry-level motorization makes 204 hp and provides a maximum torque of 450 nm. Thus, the Wolfsburger hints in 8.5 seconds at speed 100 and is a maximum of 206 km / h quickly – the SUV is therefore sufficiently nimble and also acts inappropriate effect. The six-cylinder remains acoustically mostly in the background, without being relevant to the quietest diesel in this class.

The small motorization fits overall very excellently to the coarse car, you do not really need more power. And the distance to the 240 hp model is not so rough with 7.6 seconds for the standard sprint and 220 km / h highest speed. In the test with many, partially very fast driven highway sections, the new base engine consumed 9.8 l / 100 km. Although these are almost three liters more than promised in NEFZ, but with a little little more accessing this value can be underbidden.

The eight-speed automatic makes a very comfortable job in the Touareg. Only a certain starting sweep is recorded. This disappears completely when printing on the S button. However, traces of sensitive drivers then light switching truckler.

Expensive extras

The little diesel ensures a gantner basis price. Instead of the 52.375 Euro for the 240-horsepower variant, the price list for the diesel models starts at 49.625 Euro. Our opulent test car, however, came to almost 86.000 EURO.

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