Vw suggests “round table” with handlers

In the diesel crisis, Volkswagen is true after massive criticism of handlers around a relaxation of the dispute. "Volkswagen is very conscious of the currently challenging situation in German trade," explained the VW brand in Germany, Thomas tooth, on Wednesday (27. September 2017) on request of dpa. "In moving times, it is all the more important that we are struck closely together."VW suggested a" round table "the workers.

In Mainz, handler of the Volkswagen and Audi Partner Association meet this Wednesday. From the perspective of the handler, the "expanding diesel crisis" leads to massive damage in the companies. The handlers had indicated claims for damages for the brands. Rough worries prepared the residual value development of diesel vehicles as well as the devaluation of the used cars, it is called in the invitation to the meeting. The association according to own information represents the interests of more than 2400 trading and service partners of the brands VW, Audi and VW commercial vehicles.

The boss of the association, Dirk weddigen from scarce, had recently attacked VW. "We have a scandal, and how the group deals with it is incredible. One no longer confesses guilty for what you have caused, "Weddigen had just under the magazine mirrors said. The handlers fell stitched by Volkswagen. VW Germany sales leader tooth had the criticism called "unprecedented and dirty".

VW sees, unlike the handlers, "Currently no significant decline in residual values". In view of what is currently taking place in used car market at used diesel cars, this is a kither thesis. The company supports trading with different measures such as zero percent special financing for used diesel vehicles of euro standards 5 and 6, as already the mirrors had reported. The majority of the interested parties were allowed to wait for the not very simple coalition negotiations at the federal level. With green, FDP and Union there are four parties with right different ideas. You can be curious how that can be combined in a coalition agreement.

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