Vw shows “invitation car” on the iaa

Vw shows 'invitation car' on the iaa

Braunschweig / Wolfsburg, 12. August 2009 – No five weeks before the opening of the IAA. (17. to 27. September 2009) today reported the Braunschweiger Zeitung On the first page, that Volkswagen a "Invitation car" present in Frankfurt, "from which a series car should develop until 2013 definitely".

According to the report, a VW speaker in the meantime opposite dpa has confirmed, the exhibit is a two-seater with a charged 2-cylinder diesel, which makes between 30 and 45 hp depending on the desired wishus. The average­Consumption of the IAA prototype is stated with 1.4 liters, so that the term in the invitation car looks more accusing, even if you have rounded correctly. Only the day before GM had conceded that his serial hybrid vehicle Chevrolet Volt is used under certain conditions with 1.02 l of petrol per 100 km.

Extreme lightweight construction

The body made of carbon fiber material has the report according to the report a CW value of 0.2, thanks to the use of lighter, but also expensive materials, the total weight of the car is just 350 kg. For this purpose, aluminum and magnesium for the frame are used, the wheel hubs are made of titanium, the wheel bearing balls even made of ceramic. In contrast to "many oko craft cars", Turns the newspaper, the VW should fulfill all the necessary requirements for crash security and attract with airbags, ABS and ESP.

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