Vw sharan: new model in the driving report

Vw sharan: new model in the driving report

Rottach Egern, 7. July 2010 – But now it was slowly time for him: After 15 years, the VW Sharan has earned his retirement honesty. He was after all with four generations of VW Golf in the sales room. Finally, VW introduces a successor that has shown in the driving report that he has again the stuff to a bestseller.

Almost everything well suited

The second edition of the Sharan goes with a completely new look at the start, which beats the Brucke to other current VW models. This family dresser is asked by the designer, but it also leads to the fact that the Sharan can easily be confused with the young tobogganing Touran. In contrast to this, however, it is clearly gross: In the long time there is 4.85 m a plus of 22 cm against the process, the width grew from 1.81 to 1.90 m. The resulting prediction does not notice the driver already when taking place: also gross people find plenty of space for arms and legs. VW-Typically holds the cleanly processed cockpit barely surprises ready. Apart from the shift lever to be deeply positioned and also deep-mounted, optional start button is ergonomics without failing and blame, an electric parking brake is standard manner. The all-round view suffers from the wide a-saule, because the triangular window is so dick framed that you can hardly see through. Impractically also the very small outdoor mirrors.

Electrical sliding

The new Sharan got sliding on the way for the first time. The VW has gottiled so long with this practical facility seems amazing, because competitors such as Chrysler Voyager and Mazda 5 have been offering this access for years. Open for a surcharge and, these treatments in Wolfsburg van also have electrical. Who saves this investment, but does not pay anything wrong, because the effort for the hand-bonded treatment is within limits. The same also applies to the electrical removal of the tailgate.

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