Vw scirocco does bb-tuning up to 350 hp

Vw scirocco does bb-tuning up to 350 hp

Siegen, 23. Marz 2009 – Volkswagen’s Sport Coupe Classic Scirocco has been a coveted object in the tuning industry since his appearance in 1974. Since it does not surprise that the new edition of the sporty Wolfsburg since the summer of 2008 has already been processed by several referee. Now has BB adopted B of the Scirocco and offers power syringes up to 350 hp.

Several power levels for the 2.0 TSI

The top model of the series version is the 2.0 TSI with 200 hp. The tuner from Siegen takes changes in electronics and increases the boost prere. So are in a first stage 235 hp and 340 Newton meters possible. Depending on the customer’s request, further gradations with 250, 265, 286 and 300 hp are consulted. The so-called Evo R expressly brings it on said 350 equestrian.

Special engine for the top version

To achieve this performance, the technicians exchange the power engine against a special engine. This works with a rough turbocharger and a mandated crankshaft with forged pistons. Interventions on the cylinder head and the loading air system yield the whole. To reduce the exhaust backprere, a sports exhaust system with special exhaust porn and a special sports catalyst is installed. Withdrawing, a reprogramming of the electronic maps. The impressive driving values of the BB SCIROCCO EVO R are those of a purebred sports car: from 0 to Tempo 100, the car stretched in 4.9 seconds, 200 km / h reaches the Threimorer after 16.5 seconds. The propulsion ends only at 274 km / h.

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