Vw: production stop and jerk

Vw: production stop and jerk

When switching to the consumption of consumption in the WLTP, the VW expects from August 2018 to pretend in production. This is then temporarily meaning less than less capacity utilization, said Personnel Manager Martin Rosik the employee magazine Inside.

The new Prufzycle WLTP will be binding in September 2018 as part of the exhaust standard Euro 6C for total new cars in the EU. One year later, the Euro 6D Temp for all cars approved for the first time in the EU will. With it is then not only measured on the check: New is a test on the strain, the so-called Rde. The limits are identical to Euro 6C and Euro 6D-Temp. However, the changeover to the WLTP is complicated. The automakers could therefore be forced to transform part of their normal drains. The new Volkswagen Group Chief Herbert this had already warned at the Annual General Meeting at the beginning of May 2018 before delivering.

"With high prere" is worked on the impact as low as possible, emphasized the manager. Nevertheless, delivery places are possible for certain models. Some variants that had not yet had a WLTP certificate until then had to be pulled out of the program.

Currently, Volkswagen has prompted a presative production stop for important diesel models to fix a fault. As the group confirmed on Saturday, a software update for the multi-installed 2.0-TDI engine are developed. For affected models of type Passat with front-wheel drive and seven-speed DSG as well as the model Arteon, which can be sustained, has been prepared for production until the "provision of a shutdown". Previously, the Automotive week report.

According to VW, it may affect models that are equipped with the 2.0-liter TDI, 140 kW (190 hp) and equipped with DSG, "which are equipped with DSG," that over the yellow motor controller a problem with the exhaust aftertreatment system is pointed out, although there is indeed no such problem ". Nevertheless, customers should take any activation of the yellow motor controller seriously and see a contract workshop to analyze the displayed error.

In order to offer a software update as soon as possible for already delivered vehicles and the extradition of affected new cars can be recovered as soon as possible again, will work on a shutdown, strolled it in Wolfsburg. According to today’s association, this will be available in the fourth quarter of 2018. Due to the demurred delivery times for the affected models give it alternative offers.

According to Rosik, a production program is currently in work, "with which we master the phase optimally". Expected at the end of May or early June, the works council will be discussed with the works council. As soon as there are decisions, the workforce should be informed. The staff at the pruds worked in three-shift operation, so until September so many vehicles were certified according to WLTP, explained Rosik. Nevertheless, not every variant will be available in good time.

BMW also announced that the changeover on WLTP does not run smoothly. Accordingly, the brand stops producing the production of several models with gasoline engines for the European market to make them fit for the new EU consumption volumes. The BMW 7 Series should be taken from the offer as a gasoline in Europe even a year. VW also tightens the offer. Thus, for example, the Passat with 120-hp diesel engine after the reviewer will have a series-related via a SCR system.

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