Vw phaeton v6 tdi in the driving report

Vw phaeton v6 tdi in the driving report

Munchen, 30. November 2011 – The VW Phaeton had to be all sorts of mocks in the past – Passat XXL was still one of the more harmless terms. But now connoisseurs does not just violate his understatement, but also his clear focus on comfort. Where the competition, especially those consolidated the sister brand Audi, relies on dynamics, the gross Volkswagen jerks peace and serenity in the foreground. We were traveling with the VW Phaeton V6 TDI.

Successor comes in 2013

Since 2002, the Phaeton is on the market. Since that he has received three coarse facelifts that held him on the high of time. Thus, in the course of time, he got modern engines, the more economical and cleaner. The bully V10 TDI has been taken out of the program in 2007, the W12 only this year. A completely new Phaeton is to be launched in 2013.

Third facelift

The above five meter long limousine was only slightly changed. Critics ame the Phaeton a too clear visual visual to the smaller VW Passat. An edge at the trunk lid brings some contour into the design. In 2010, the limousine with the third facelift has received the current VW brand face. In the front, horizontal lines dominate, which make the car visually a little wider. In contrast to the smaller VW models, the Phaeton sparkles with a completely chrome-plated boiler grill without black cover. New is also an additional chrome bar around the whole car.

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