Vw nfz and ford want to cooperate

Vw nfz and ford want to cooperate

Volkswagen commercial vehicle boss Thomas Sedran sees in a possible partnership with the rivals Ford advantages for both sides. The speech ran constructively, said the ex-VW strategic chief of German press agency. "From our point of view, it would be useful for both sides to work harder in order to end up all the electrification of our fleets."Bernd Osterloh, however, only under certain conditions for the planned commercial vehicle cooperation.

The utilization in the commercial vehicle plant in Hannover Musse voices, Osterloh said the dpa. "It has to bring economic benefits, but should not be a workplace?."Sedran said he was confident," that we can become more concrete towards the end of the year ". He stressed, a cooperation will not be at the expedence of the staff. At the same time, the project prepares for DPA information in the Transporterwerk Hannover. The Handelsblatt reported, parts of the transporter production could be relocated in the Turkish Ford plant in the nearby Istanbul, according to the group circles.

In June 2018, it has become known that Volkswagen wants his force in the development of commercial vehicles with the US manufacturer Ford Bundling. The aim of a cooperation is mainly to save costs in development and production – even against the background of increasing regulatory prere. New EU rules face the transporter manufacturers in Europe in terms of gross challenges: from 2020 they apply to sharp limits to the CO2 outlet. Sedran made it clear: "To share these requirements with a partner, there is a coarse advantage. We’ve been creating this alone and still make money. But in a partnership it works better."

Osterloh said to cooperation: "If it helps us in the development costs and synergies means cooperation, then we see the positive."Standard: be the utilization in Hannover Musse there," Otherwise we can not agree with the on the Supervisory Board. From the beginning, there were unity between us and the works council in Hanover with its chairman Bertina Murkovic."He also emphasized:" Some on the company side may need to be recalled again: For the employee representatives on the Supervisory Board, it is clear that the transporter series is just like Hanover as the Golf to Wolfsburg."

"I do not see it’s at the expedition of the staff," said Sedran. Only competitive jobs are safe jobs. "There is challenges at our German locations that we have to meet with a higher productivity. It is clear: We have responsibility for the staff. Therefore, we will only come to solutions that also work for the staff."In the presentation in Hanover a few days ago, Sedran also pointed out to DPA information that costs had to decline. To the possible cooperation models therefore paid the Ubernachste VW bus T8 and the Ford transporter. Volkswagen did not comment this.

Works council Bertina Murkovic said, according to corporate circles in Hanover: "We also want success, but not, so that the money to the ears comes out again, but also the following generations can work here."Osterloh explained, in the" Future Pact "specified austerity package for the brand VW, fixed utilization numbers were agreed for the works. "That’s what the company’s site was well promised as part of their agreements. And that must now be complied with for the common success."For the utilization, it will also go in the planning round for the Wolfsburg car hire in November.

After Sedrans’s association, the talks with Ford run eye. "Ford basically has the same challenges as we want to. Soetwas can only work if it is a real partnership from which both sides benefit. Planned is a marriage to a long time."Together, VW and Ford in Europe have a market share of about 30 percent. The manager ordered that the entire range of light commercial vehicles is electrified. "The emission limits and their implementation mean a rough effort for us – from 2020. These efforts are associated with high expenses."Diesel engines as a drive for coarse and heavy vehicles can not be replaced on the long-distance of Sedran view. "I am the solid conviction: At some point we have to be able to move CO2-neutral. But that will not be 2025 yet."

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