Vw jetta hybrid comes to the market in 2013 in germany

Vw jetta hybrid comes to the market in 2013 in germany

Los Angeles, 30. November 2012 – The German manufacturers hint on the subject of hybrid a little afterwards. Especially for a wide mass affordable models are currently not available. This should change with the VW Jetta Hybrid in the coming year. In the US, he rolls in the sales room these days, in Europe probably from May.

Avadually hardly changed

The Jetta Hybrid is the second series hybrid car from VW to the Touareg. Optically, the sedan only limits itself by a few details of its conventionally powered models. The most conspicuous is still a boiler grill with blue-deposited VW sign. There are also aerodynamic parts like a new front spoiler, a rear diffuser and a small rear spoiler. In order to lower the amusement level inside, VW builds a different exhaust system, an acoustic windscreen and thicker side windows in front.

No cylinder shutdown

The drive of the VW Jetta Hybrid consists of a TSI gasoline engine with 110 kW (150 hp) and a 20 kW powerful electric motor. In contrast to competitive models, VW sets a seven-gang DSG at power transmission. Overall, the car should accelerate from zero to 100 km / h in about nine seconds, a maximum of 210 km / h may be possible. The average consumption specifies VW with 45 MPG (Miles by Gallon), which are approximately 5.2 l / 100 km. This is not a bad value, but the new golf consumes in the NEFZ with the similarly toy 1.4 TSI with cylinder shutdown only 4.7 l / 100 km. Why vw does not want to swallow the spar potential with this engine as a gasoline engine in the hybrid, does not quite lose itself.

Boost function

In the electrical mode, the sedan changes either automatically or manually, good 71 km / h are then possible. Other functions are that "sail" at the high tempo, here the gasoline is decoupled by separation clutch from the powertrain. In addition, the car offers a boost function with short term up to 170 hp, recuperation and a start-stop system where electrically approaches. Purely electric, the Jetta Hybrid creates 1.3 miles, so about 2 kilometers.

In the instrument display, the current mode is displayed, a "PowerMeter" shows how much power is retrieved. The electrical energy supplies a lithium-ion battery behind the back seat bench. This should not be braced the interior. The battery consists of 60 single cells each with 5 Ah, overall, the capacity amounts to 1.1 kWh. The total weight of the batteries adds up to almost 36 kilograms. In the course of 2013, the VW Jetta Hybrid will also come to Europe. The base price will probably be at around 26.000 EURO.

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