Vw introduces economical car fleet for olympic games

Vw introduces economical car fleet for olympic games

Beijing (People’s Republic of China), 30. July 2008 – Whoever visited China’s capital,, on the other hand, industrial regions such as Bitterfeld or the Ruhr area in their boom times are present like aerosport. At least during the Olympic Games (8. to 24. August 2008) Promise the Chinese an improved air quality, the maws range from placeboes such as the masses of flowers up to automatically monitor driving bans. Olympic Sponsor Volkswagen wants to show more sustainable solutions: The 5000 vehicles comprehensive Olympic fleet will consist of particularly environmentally friendly and fuel-saving VW.

Models of "Green Fleet"

The models Magotan 2 are used.0 TDI and Magotan BlueMotion, the Sagitar 1.4 TSI, the Touran Ecofuel and the Tiguan 2.0 TDI. The Magotan is a variant of the VW Passat tailored to the Chinese taste, the sagitar is nothing but the Jetta. The Olympia cars wear a special design, which Olympic traditional elements with symbols for "Mobility", "wind" and "Strain" combined. The Chinese Organizational Committee (BPCOG – Beijing Organizing Committee for the Games of the XXIX Olympiad) has left VW in the design of the vehicles free hand.

Ongoing criticism at the host

Otherwise, the host of the Olympic Games continues to be in criticism: Even journalists have no free access to the Internet, hovering over the playing doping dusks, and the handling of China with Tibet also remains an irritant topic, even if it disappears from the headlines in the meantime.

On the other hand, Audi had a promotion of Tibet on Mount Everest in mid-April – at that time protests made protests during the Olympic Torchlare on stages in numerous states worldwide. Officially, the Volkswagen subsidiary had the advertising acceptance "Logistic grounds" Listed, according to DPA, however, it hung in corporate circles, you do not have yet "Ol into the fire" goen. An Audi spokesman emphasized against the message rental at the time, Audi is not a sponsor of the Olympic Games, but only partners of the Chinese Olympic Committee. In this function, Audi is about 1000 cars available. The spokesman did not want to comment on the political development in Tibet.

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