Vw i.d.: study of an electric car in paris

Vw i.d.: study of an electric car in paris

Paris, 29. September 2016 – Nothing oversturing, please! "Volkswagen becomes the visionar I.D. Bring to the strain 2020, "says it in the press release. That sounds binding and determined. With the Battery Electric Showcar on the Mondial de l’Automobile in Paris, Volkswagen gives a view of the series car. Maybe the design is already as close to the actual product as the Mega City Vehicle on the Father BMW i3. Safe is: Volkswagen needs this car and pursues the preserved followers strategy. First let the others do. Then we come.

Conventional in the form

If you think of the full-time measuring units (cameras instead of reverse mirrors, no B-saule), optically remains an amazingly conventional compact cars. The opportunities for a new beginning were also rough for the design. The Group has not only taken a lot of money into the hand, but also started on a "sewing sheet of paper". Compared to a golf, the windscreen jerks forward – this is recalling Teslas Model 3 and that a vehicle designed from the outset as an e-auto does not have to take a back to the footprint of an internal combustion engine.

The raders also earn a second gaze. They evidently follow the "Large and Narrow" principle that BMW has made the I3 and now also uses the Renault Scenic. The diameter is high, the width is not. This turns the uprising surface ("Latsch") by 90 degrees. The rolling resistance decreases, the traction remains.

400 to 600 km range

In addition, the engine power of 125 kW reminds of the BMW i3. A number for the battery capacity does not name Volkswagen. The range should be between 400 and 600 kilometers. Whether a bandwidth is meant or two different rough accuprackets, the press release is open. Of course, only that the I.D. built parallel to the next E-Golf, so an alternative and assessment represents.

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