Vw golf r in practice

Vw golf r in practice

Ellmau (Austria), 27. January 2010 – Since 2002, the top model of the Golf is no longer the GTI, but carries one "R" In the type designation. At the Golf IV and the Golf V he bothered R32, with reference to the 3.2 liter displacement of the six-cylinder engines. But in the downsizing ara, two liters of displacement and four cylinders must enjoy. The gasoline direct injection with turbocharger is an old acquaintance in the Volkswagen Group: He has been driving the Audi S3 since 2006 and since the end of 2009 also the Seat Leon Cupra R. While he does with the sister models – as well as in Scirocco R – 265 hp, it is again 5 hp in the Golf R.


When starting the engine, a short grumbling is to horns, but then the TSI aggregate shows sound unruly. One or the other will be missing the sonorous bass of the process model R32, but also the tonal understatement of the new top golf is not without charm. As far as the R model has to offer, it does not have to know whatsoever anyway, at least not in everyday operation. In the solid occurs on the accelerator pedal, on the other hand, the four-cylinder provides a very sporty acoustics. In conjunction with the double-clutch transmission DSG, the previously switching is also undercast by a short bubbling from the exhaust pipes: it signals a short-term cylinder shutdown to reduce the torque before the gear change.


During the recovering sound still remains a matter of taste, the drive has little reason for discussion: The compact athlete is greedy at the gas, offers excellent acceleration (with DSG in 5.5 seconds from zero to Tempo 100) and proves to be a true force. The full torque of 350 nm – incubator 30 nm more than in the process R32 – is above the very wide speed range between 2500 and 5000 turns. Whether on the highway, the willing or for the purpose of the pure lane: The Golf R always provides plenty of power. At Tempo 250, the Wolfsburg is controlled electronically – possible more.

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