Vw golf bluemotion as a study in paris

Vw golf bluemotion as a study in paris

Wolfsburg / Paris, 2. October 2012 – with its 86 g / km or. 3.3 l / 100 km in the NEFZ the VW Polo BlueMotion has so far not only the most economical VW, but also one of the most satisfied cars at all. Now he gets competition, because the new VW Golf BlueMotion should undercut him in consumption. VW shows him as a serial study on the Paris Motor Show, which is still up to the 14th. Open October.

Stark like a Golf GTI I

In order to enable the ambitious consumption target of 3.2 l / 100 km in the NEFZ, Volkswagen uses a newly developed 1.6-liter turbodiesel direct injector. The four-valve four-cylinder offers a torque of 250 nm between 1500 and 2750 / min. The power of 110 hp should range to accelerate the compact up to 202 km / h. Over a long translated Funfgang gearbox is switched. With a fulfillment of the 50-liter tank, a theoretical range of 1562 kilometers should be possible.

Euro 6?

For consumption reduction, there is a start-stop automatic and recuperation. In addition, the reduction of internal friction, thermal management system with a faulted warm-up phase, two-stage olpump, switchable water pump and a water-boiled charge air cooler to contribute to consumption and emission reduction. Volkswagen builds a NOx storage cab, but is still open to whether this variant stops the Euro 6 standard from the beginning, the for new homologated vehicles from the 1. September 2014 is mandatory.

In the process, the air resistance was reduced by ten percent. The CW value is now 0.27. Compared to the other Golf models, the aerodynamics of BlueMotion was improved, including a 15-millimeter lowering, roof edge spoiler, optimized cooling air fuser, underbody liners, optimized brake chair channels and spoilers on the C-Saule. In addition, the rims are covered with particularly rolling-resistive tires. The Golf BlueMotion will be filled on 15- and 16-inch bars.

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