Vw: first consequences from exhaust tests

The debate about exhaust tests on monkeys and people has lilted at Volkswagen to a first personnal consequence: The General Commanded Thomas Steg was amed, as Volkswagen AG on Tuesday (30. January 2018) in Wolfsburg announced. The Management Board adopted the appropriate offer of the head of the Group-Inculture and sustainability.

Volkswagen was in criticism due to diesel exhaust tests with monkeys. Bridge will be released from its tasks to the complete breakdown of the past. "We are involved in examining the work of the 2017 EGD exactly and to draw all the existing consequences of it," said Council of Council Matthias Muller. "Mr. Steg has explained to take full responsibility. This respect me."

The European research association operated by BMW, Daimler and VW for the environment and health in the transport sector (EGT) had financed tests with monkeys and humans. The subjects had been exposed to nitrogen oxides. Negative consequences should not have had the attempts for you. VW has distanced itself from the trials and apologized for that. The company explained, the investigations of the advances were further promoted with high prere. "The tasks of Mr. Steg superserves Commissionman Jens Hanefeld, responsible for international and European politics."

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