Vw does patent infringement through chinese partner faw

Volkswagen takes a possible idea of ideas through its Chinese partner First Automotive Works (FAW) under the magnifying glass. "We surprise this facts", said a group spokesman on Friday in Wolfsburg. That Handelsblatt had reported that FAW should obtain offers for components for components for suppliers with the aim of producing a VW transmission without re-language itself.

This had managers from Europe’s big car maker ago experienced a few weeks ago, the newspaper calls on his own information. China is the most important single market for Volkswagen. With 1.3 million models, almost every third car from the Group was delivered in the first half of the year in the Middle Kingdom.

In August 2011, the two partners in the North China Changchun celebrated the 20th anniversary of their joint ventures, VW boss Martin Winterkorn spoke of China than the "second home" from Volkswagen. However, in the Giantland, there is always prematurely illegal technology transfer.

The Wolfsburg VW headquarters initially did not want to comment on internal investigations. Both companies associate a grown partnership: "We look at a long-term and trusting cooperation." Since the first time of FAW-Volkswagen 1991, around five million vehicles were built until the fall of last year. Overall, the Lower Saxony has been active in China for 27 years. A joint venture with the Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation (SAIC) has existed since 1985.

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